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Publisher Description

Adam and his friend just going for weekend hunting in the forest, but they never expect to find a working teleporter.

Adam is a good man that endured the harsh treatment from his wife and sometimes his friend, he lives his daily life as a responsible man to his wife, children, and parents. Now, being teleported to an advanced civilization and the teleporter get destroyed after the process, he and his friends must work for a living there and find a way to go back to earth.

On the other hand, the country they were teleported to, despite being advanced, is very traditional and has rigid law. To live even as temporary citizens there, the government require them to go through brain surgery and gene therapy. The surgery itself may mess with their mind to some extent, especially Adam's mind.

This country is mysterious and an isolationist, and our protagonist and his friend don't even know if the government in this country is a threat to them or simply good guys helping them.

Does the government have a good or bad intention for them? With brain surgery done to them, can they even find out the truth about this country, or do they even try? Does Adam even want to go home after he has experienced living here, especially that he meets the main heroine? And what about his friend, his parents, wife, and children? And what will happen if they decide to go home, or live there, or only one of them go home? Buy this book and start reading today!

Sci-Fi & Fantasy
August 31
Andrius Zaxa
Draft2Digital, LLC