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Chapter Seven begins with a fresh overview of the God-created man according to the Scriptures in opposition to the ideology and theory of evolution. We, believers in Christ, should never lose focus of who God is and what He is doing in this present age regarding the churches in Christendom according to His divine economy. God has an eternal purpose or plan to carry out His divine economy in His administration on this earth which has everything to do with the churches. As the churches approach the last seven years of this age (the last week), they will discover and continue to discover that Christ is the centrality and universality of God’s eternal economy according to God’s divine administration. In this Chapter the Lord is once again speaking to the churches that their eyes would be opened to see the true reality of their spiritual condition before Him. Moreover, in this chapter, the Lord desires to remove the veils of religious teachings, heresies, apostasies, with ideologies and theories of evolution to compel the believers to return to God’s pure Word in the Scriptures. In like manner, the Lord is still calling the overcomers to depart from degraded Christianity with its pernicious teachings and theories and stand in oneness with Him that He may make His home in their hearts to abide and dwell in them. In this mutual abiding the believers urgently need to first abide in Him that they may have the growth in life progressed unto maturity. In this way the Lord can abide in them daily be their life, life supply and everything to them. Only in the mutual abiding with the Lord can the believers be His expression to close this age together with Him (John 15:4-7).


Furthermore, the Lord desires to open the books of Daniel and Revelation to remove our covering and enlighten us of the impending last week of the seventy-weeks of this age and how to prepare for this. There are two Charts portraying a vivid picture of the destiny of Israel allocated by God in Daniel and the destiny of the churches in Revelation. By studying these charts, the believers will have a deeper impression and revelation of the seventy-weeks concerning Israel (who keep the commandments of God) and the churches (with the testimony of Jesus) Revelation 12:17.

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