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Living the Ultimate Truth
by Samuel Blankson

Today we care more about what we wear and where we are seen, than we do about discovering and Living the Ultimate Truth. Throughout the world, there is an imbalance in people’s spirituality, consciousness, and inner harmony. This has taken a great toll on our environment, health, and our personal happiness.

Many of us are wondering around like lost sheep, seeking shepherds in all the wrong places. Many false prophets have promised quick fixes to these spiritual problems, but if these solutions are not firmly rooted in The Creator, love, integrity and inner harmony, they are doomed to fail.

This book is a reminder of all those virtues and universal principles that we need, to return to a balanced, harmonious, and happy life. You will learn to love yourself, love others, and finally find that inner peace you seek through spiritual growth.

From the Inside Flap :

Since I was 7 years old, I have pondered on the answer to the question, "What is The Ultimate Truth?" I wanted to know where I came from, where I was going, and most importantly, what I was here for. You see, I felt I was here for something special. I could not explain this feeling or justify it logically. I just knew I was here for a special predestined purpose.

As I searched, I was led to various religious doctrines that never truly satisfied me with the answers they offered to the question I posed. Scientific explanations only created yet more questions, and gave few answers. I decided to take a step back from the search, and to observe life for 5 years. As I relaxed and stopped actively searching, the answers were revealed to me through intuition and spiritual revelations. The answers I received were so simple that I found it very difficult to comprehend their validity. I realised that I was asking the wrong question. There will never be an answer to the question "What is The Ultimate Truth," because truths require proof, and The Ultimate Truth cannot be proven scientifically or logically. It can only be felt and lived.

About the Author:

An entrepreneur at heart, Samuel Blankson blends art, creativity, passion, business acumen, and financial expertise with careful planning and execution in the achievement of measurable results. He is an avid reader, writer, researcher, and securities trader.

He is an advocate of self-empowerment and an individual’s ability to control their destiny through the achievement of personal freedom from economic, financial, spiritual, social, mental, and interrelationship restrictions. Samuel is constantly working to push the boundaries of personal achievements to their limits, recognising that these limits are only self-imposed.

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June 19

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