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Would you live in a haunted house? Now, before you answer that question, be honest with yourself. Do ghost really scare you, despite the brave front you put on to others? Do you have a plentiful supply of clean underwear for when the ghosts pop in to cause mischief? Do you have the fortitude to discipline the ghosts into obedience, or better yet, cross these poor lost souls into the light so they can find peace instead of confusion?
Ghosts are not pets, y'all. And if they bee-bop into T. M. Simmons' world, she either sends them into the light or disciplines them with both love and tough love. Simmons lives in a haunted house day in and day out, and has done so for over thirty years. A few years ago, she started writing a weekly or bi-weekly blog about life in her paranormal boarding house, as well as her adventures as a paranormal investigator. This is her third collection of those blogs, gathered and updated from the ones she wrote in 2014. Read on, with or without the lights on, depending on how often you wish to wash your drawers.

Reviews from Living With Dead Folks, Volume One and Two:

"She lives in a haunted house and her resident ghosts give plenty to blog about."

"This author deserves more than 5 stars for her books."

"I really enjoy reading Mrs. Simmons books! I enjoy reading about ghosts and she never fails to disappoint me as she has a few of them residing in her own home!"

"A great read on a fascinating topic!"

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April 23
TM Simmons
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