Living Your Best Life Now

A Practical Guide to Personal Growth, Individual Freedom and Self-Empowerment

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    • $8.99

Publisher Description

Are you feeling frustrated and disappointed in your life, and believe that there has to be more to it than what you are experiencing right now? Have you been questioning yourself wondering if you are currently on the right path? If you find yourself engulfed in uncertainty and asking these important questions, then chances are you may not be living your best life right now. 

Within the pages of Living Your Best Life Now, you will discover: 

• How to become more productive and self-motivated in your life 

• Learn how to take ownership over your happiness and reinforce your personal belief within yourself 

• How to remove toxic people and crush your fears 

• How to crush excuses and rise up after a tragedy strikes 

• Expand your understanding about self-confidence and the power of persuasion 

• Learn some new ideas about finances and debt that can turn your life around 

• Learn how to adjust to change and fully understand you learning style 

• And there are many other subjects that will be covered in detail… 

In Living Your Best Life Now, you will definitely discover what it takes to move your life from wherever you are currently, to exactly where you want to be. This is a straightforward and direct book that will help you and anyone who needs to find their way back to their own personal happiness. Living your best life is not a momentary situation that is established based on human emotions that can change daily. Living your best life is a full mind, body, spirit and emotional makeover where you have to develop strength within each area of your life where weakness now exists.

Today, you should stop spinning your wheels and going nowhere. Open up and read Living Your Best Life Now and begin the process of turning your life around so you can fill in the gaps and areas of weakness that have been holding you back for years.

Health, Mind & Body
September 15
Bublish, Inc.
Bublish, Inc.

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