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Kaitlyn Adams was naked, dirty, cut, bruised and bleeding, and she had no f*****g idea where she was or what had happened. She felt around herself and realized she was lying on a dirt floor with a chain wrapped around her ankle impeding her movement. She felt in the darkness to where the chain went and it was attached to a U-bolt set in a post. She pulled futilely at it in an attempt to jerk it out of the post and couldn’t get it to move one iota even though it seemed it might break free, since it moved a little bit with each tug, but she didn’t have the muscle strength or energy. Currently, she didn’t have much going for her and she was beginning to panic, stuck in the dark with no knowledge of anything that had occurred.

She heard footsteps and could feel the panic rising inside of her in anticipation of what or who was going to appear. Suddenly the door opened and her memory came rushing back all at once as she saw Ron Baker, her on again, off again boyfriend and struggled to admit she had asked for this treatment. She certainly hadn’t expected this, but she did ask to spice up their sex life and apparently Ron had taken her at face value.

“Oh my God Ronnie, I was so confused and thought I’d been captured by a maniac, thank..”

“Shut the f**k up unless I tell you to talk bitch!” he interrupted her, “here’s some water, clean yourself up you dirty little bitch.”

This was a fantasy she’d had and shared with Ron, but the reality of the situation was a lot grimmer than she had envisioned. She certainly hadn’t expected to be shackled naked to the wall in a shed with a dirt floor, but hey, might as well go with this and see where it ends up. She watched him as he set a bucket of water, soap and sponge next to her.

“Wash up now!”

“I can’t get clean if I’m tied to the wall,” she simpered.

“I told you, shut the f**k up!” and this time he showed her the whip he had been carrying and lightly snapped her nipples.

“Oww!” but she took the sponge and soaped and rinsed herself off as best as she could and stood before him, trembling from excitement, fear and chilled from the water bath.

Fiction & Literature
June 4
Lucia Perverse
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