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Silver Book Award Winner by Literary Titan and RECOMMENDED by The US Review of Books.

"Never failing to entertain, Lockheed Elite establishes characters who could recur in a series that would find a loyal audience. ...stands out as a captivating, well-plotted science fiction novel loaded with action and intrigue. It's a rollicking sci-fi tale with twists and turns one does not always see coming." - Foreword Clarion

"Lockheed Elite is a thoroughly enjoyable sci-fi crime adventure akin to an episode of Firefly"-Literary Titan

Description: In this sci-fi crime adventure, Anders Lockheed unwittingly hires an undercover operative and takes the bait that draws the attention of the very mastermind he’s been avoiding. In no time, Anders finds himself caught between a rock and a hard place and decides he must engage the military and pull off a monster heist to protect his crew from the heat mounting on both sides of the law.

Sci-Fi & Fantasy
August 17
Stars in Hand
Tyler Wandschneider

Customer Reviews

SergiiTkachenko ,

Haven't read something that good for a very long time!

If you live your normal life and suddenly find yourself thinking about things that are happening in a book that means you are reading the right one! That is definitely about Lockheed Elite! Very interesting story written in a beautiful way, lots of dialogs, small details, very tough situations and appropriate funny moments, the author really makes you a part of the scene. Enjoyed so much the vision of new technologies, world order and even a daily routine of the upcoming future. Was happy to see the main aspects of human nature in this book like friendship, leadership, responsibility, courage, and luck. So there are a plenty of things to consider about our life right now and a lot of things to learn from the characters. I can't even imagine how much work was done in order to make such a complete, deep and versatile characters. Everyone will find the one for himself. This book reminded me my very first science fiction book I've read many-many years ago. I'm not talking about the plot, personages or the vision of the future, I am talking about the way you feel, how excited you are, how involved you are in reading and how eager you are to get back to reading it when you have time. Great! 5 stars out of 5 and many thanks to the author Tyler Wanschneider!