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Logan Craigdon has a chip on his shoulder the size of Mount Kosciuszko. Once an Olympic champion sailor, a tragic accident has left him with a permanent limp and his once-promising career in tatters. To make matters worse, he was recently jilted at the altar by his long-time fiancée. He’s angry at the world and everyone in it. Then he meets Mia Ivanov.

Orphaned at a young age and adopted by drug dealers, Mia is also no stranger to hardship. But rather than letting that define her, she’s opted to look on the positive side of life, including owning a bridal wear shop. She spends her time making wishes come true and dreaming of happy-ever-afters.

When Logan and Mia meet, sparks immediately fly. Though Logan’s not interested in long-term commitment, he’s still a hot-blooded male. He wants Mia and what Logan wants, Logan gets. Then she tells him about her shop and Logan can’t make his escape fast enough.

The only problem is, he can’t get her out of his mind. The more he gets to know her, the more he likes what he sees. It's driving him insane! She's everything he ever wanted in a wife, but is he willing to set aside past hurts and risk his heart again?

The Craigdon Family Dynasty series follows the lives and loves of the Craigdon Family and the fallout they all experience when the patriarch of the family dies. Henry Craigdon was worth billions. He was also a man with many secrets. He’s divided up his estate between his wife and six children, but not all of them have been treated fairly…

Come on an adventure filled with drama and intrigue with USA Today bestselling author Chris Taylor and ride the highs and lows of a family in turmoil, the secrets, the deception, the lies…and the inevitable ties of love and loyalty that bind this family together, no matter what.

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June 13
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Midgler ,


Logan is the latest installment detailing the lives and loves of the famous Craigdon family. To say their lives are without twists and turns and heartache is an understatement. Logan has had his heart broken and suffered physical injuries and pain. Then along comes Mia who has suffered more tragedy in her short life than any person should endure. Their lives are thrown together and they gain strength though each other and their past. This books deals with a multitude of physical and mental disabilities in a thoughtful and realistic way. This is my favorite book in the series as it has parallels to my own life. Chris is a masterful storyteller and I have read and enjoyed every one of her books. I’m hoping for many more books to come.

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