Loki's Exile Series: Bundle: Books 1 - 4

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This bundle includes all four books of the Loki's Exile Series.


Loki Laufeyson has made many mistakes during his lengthy existence, but none greater than attempting to overthrow Odin, King of Asgard. Exiled for his treachery, he seeks vengeance by becoming allied with creatures who are just as ambitious and merciless as he is.

Bianca Caldwell is on the cusp of living her dream when Earth is invaded. She always believed monsters, aliens and ancient demi-gods were just stories, but she discovers they are very real. She encounters Loki by sheer accident when fleeing for her life, or so it seems. Little does she know that a powerful force is steering her towards her destiny.

Blackmailed by Fate and given the task of watching over a human, Loki is ill equipped to deal with the fragile, yet beautiful young woman. His desire is to rule over humanity, not to babysit one. He must keep Bianca safe from his Viltaran and Grimgorg allies, not to mention their minions, or they will both pay the ultimate price.


Banished from Asgard, Loki is forced to flee from hideous green aliens who intend to kill him. He falls through a strange portal and ends up on a dystopian version of Earth. Deeply out of his depth in this harsh, post-apocalyptic world, his only hope of finding his way home lies with an outcast.

Bianca Caldwell's short life has been an endless struggle for survival. When a god practically falls into her arms, she embarks on a journey that will take her far away from the cave in Texas that she calls her home. For reasons she doesn't understand, she feels compelled to help him even though danger follows in his wake.

They are strongly drawn to each other during their perilous journey. Both feel as if they have a connection, almost as if they've met before. But that is impossible, since they come from different realities as well as dissimilar worlds. Forging an uneasy alliance, they must learn to trust each other in order to survive against the droids, clones and hostile humans who hunt them.


Bianca and her friends have become captives of the soldiers they'd hoped would be their allies. She realizes she may have made a horrible mistake admitting that she is a witch. Now she has to convince Major Lincoln and his people that she means them no harm.

Once the major sees just how powerful Bianca and Loki are, he realizes they could be effective in the ongoing war against the droids and clones. Bianca and her friends know that it will be dangerous to work with the soldiers. They will have to tread lightly and prove they won't become a liability.

During a mission to show the soldiers their good intentions, Loki encounters danger unlike anything he's ever seen before. Not even a god can escape the horrible fate that is heading his way. He isn't sure that even Bianca will have the power to save him this time.


Leaving Earth behind, Loki's exile takes him to a distant planet in his quest to find his way home. He and Bianca will face their greatest challenges yet when they encounter the warlike Viltarans on their home world.

After a lifetime of being hated and ostracized, Bianca is glad to leave her home. She hopes to find a way to break her magical bond with Loki so they can both be free. Freedom will come at a price; loneliness. Once her friends find somewhere safe to live, she will be all alone once more. It is a small price to pay to keep her friends safe.

Knowing Bianca wants to be free of their bond, Loki has other plans. He has grown used to having the tiny witch inside his head. Instead of wanting to be parted from her, he will do anything in his power to keep her at his side. Unfortunately, he isn't in control of his destiny. Sometimes, his plans have a tendency to go horribly awry.

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November 23
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