London Belongs to Me

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Publisher Description

A New City. A New Start. Same Old Demons.

Alex Sinclair couldn't jump on a plane fast enough. Broken from an unexpected betrayal, she flees sunny Florida for the Britannia cool of London—home of her favourite TV shows, plays, and fangirl heroes. Alex believes London is where she belongs, where she'll heal old wounds, and chase her dream of writing for the theatre. Staying with her British friend Harry with barely a year's rent money in her pocket, the clock is ticking.

But when a wealthy rival fueled by ambition and jealousy threatens her career and a fledgling romance, Alex once again questions her self-worth—and is left wondering if London is where she truly belongs.

October 14
Kirkwall Books
Draft2Digital, LLC

Customer Reviews

Rae_of_sunshine09 ,

A Fun and Well Rounded Read :)

Just finished this book, and I thoroughly enjoyed it! There was more depth then I was initially expecting from the characters in it. Particularly with Alex our main character, and her online friend turned real life best friend (after accidentally running into each other after Alex's move to London) Lucy.

I was not expecting for panic attacks from Alex, broken family drama (which I really wish we had gotten to see more into) from Lucy, and a broken relationship too that had damaged the main character Alex before our start.

I did love the focus on friendship and making your own family that isn't related to you running throughout the story. Along with having each others backs and helping the others to succeed in their dreams.

All the characters played an important role in the story, and I don't feel like any were side characters really. They were all there for a reason, and to help lead our main character to her final destination. To make her stronger and more resilient.

The ending has to be one of my favorite parts though. Finally getting to see Alex achieve her dreams, get the guy who had been a good friend to her throughout the novel, overcoming her demons, and having one of her plays performed on stage, albeit not the original play she starts out with, and has to fight for. Which I absolutely love the scene where she finally stood up for herself, and her play. Which had been stolen from her.

And that last line about her tattoo that was one of my favorite Doctor Who quotes from Matt Smiths run, "We're all stories in the end. Just make it a good one." was perfect!

I literally have so many things I could say about this novel and its characters, but don't know how to write it all down.
So this is just a few of my thoughts. Also I really loved Harry, her best friend from college, even with his few low points that he has in the novel. And Alex's friend turned boyfriend by the end of the novel (Spoilers!) Mark also. He was so amazing. Definitely someone I wouldn't mind being friends with. Actually I love Alex's whole friend group.

The only character I could not stand was Olivia. Think Clarissa from What A Girl Wants years ago, but times 10. I was so happy when she got her comeuppance at the end. She completely deserved what she got.

A highly enjoyable read!
4.5/5 stars! But closer to 5 than 4. :)

Jasmyn9 ,

Loved This!

This was a really fun story. I was drawn into Alex's world from page one, when she lands in London and all her perfectly laid plans fall apart one after another. Her luggage is lost, her ride can't pick her up, and her room is more of a closet. But that's just the tip of the iceberg, things quickly get even worse as she struggles to find her place in the world of the London theater. From plagiarism, to theft, to just people being really crappy.

There is a bright side. She re-connects with an internet buddy in person,a and they open a new world of people of places to here. They show her a new attitude and that lifelong friends are possible. Alex faces a lot during her first year in London, and she doesn't always handle it well. Those are the times I loved her the most, when she was down and out and making the worst decisions possible. We've all been there and it only encouraged me to cheer harder.

There is a great ending. Mean people get what they deserve and the good people find happiness. I loved the characters - they were so believable and likable that I wish I think I'll need to go visit them again sometime soon.

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