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Before her, I was: 



A possessive pain in the ass. 

Who am I kidding? I still am.

Love wasn’t for me. 

I’d come to terms with that a long time ago.

And then I met her. I was this close to freedom. But one look at her and I was caught in a web I could’t escape. One I didn’t want to escape.

But then someone took her from me. Now they’ll find out just how far I’m willing to go to get her back.

To save the woman I love, all I need to do is expose my secrets. Secrets that will have consequences for her and the crown.


Note: A long long time ago, I wrote a book called LONDON BOUND. You can no longer get that book, but Alexi and Abbie have gotten another chance to tell you their story in a whole new way. LONDON ROYAL and LONDON SOUL are a new take on their story adding them to my royals world! These books have fresh material, a fresh plot, and are being told from a whole new point of view. Enjoy!

November 19
Sankofa Girl
Sankofa Girl

Customer Reviews

LisaHines711 ,

Review: London Royal Duet 2: London Soul

London Soul by Nana Malone is the second and final book in her brand new duet, London Royal . While connected to the world of our Winston Isle royals, this duet takes us back to London and an exiled royal family.

Picking up from the cliffhanger at the end of book one, thankfully, things aren't as dire as they seemed, yet. But with the secrets that Alexi is keeping from Abbie may just be a deal breaker for Abbie. She already has enough issues thanks to her abusive ex. She can't and won't deal with secrets and lies from Alexi. And while her photography career is off to a great start she still has to deal with Xander's flirtations and all the upheaval Alexi's secrets are causing. By the end of the story we are back in present day dealing with dilemma of the assassination and their new obligations to the throne. Loved it. Enjoy!


Abbie and Lex...They belong together!!

Wow!! What a conclusion, but is this really the end?!?!! Umm...the ending in this book is even more explosive than the ending in London Royal!! My goodness does Nana Malone know how to keep her readers coming back for more!! I am super excited about the next installment in this series!! I really could not put this book down once I started reading it!! Abbie and Lex have had to overcome so many obstacles, so many secrets, so many twists and turns, but through it all, their relationship was strengthened, and they, esp. Lex, learned open and honest communication is always the best policy. London Soul is the conclusion to Abbie and Lex's story...and oh, how I love these two!! They are perfect for each other. They really and truly complete each other. I loved the way Lex was so determined to protect Abbie, and Abbie's realization that her past was not her destiny and that she deserved to be happy and safe, and truly loved. Abbie and Lex really fought for their relationship, and I enjoyed every bit of all of the roller coaster ride that it took for them to get to their happily ever after.

If you want to read a book with wonderful characters that you will fall in love with, that has suspense, intrigue, romance, and humor, the London Royal duet is the book for you. I actually recommend starting with Royals Undercover. The entire interconnected series is great. You will never get enough of these characters or Nana Malone's witty and engaging writing style. Yet another great read by Nana Malone.

broken_heart ,

Darn cliffhangers!!!!

Darn you Nana Malone!!!!!! London Soul is the continuation of the story of Abbie and Alexi. When we last saw Abbie she was being kidnapped! Nana Malone and her darn cliffhangers, of which she is truly the Queen of!! Without giving away too many spoilers, nothing is as it seems, even Abbie’s kidnapping. London Soul fleshes out more of Lex’s past and more of the Nartey family dynamics. Abbie and Lex bob and weave their way thru love and troubles throughout this book! We also get a glimpse of why Lex is the man that he is and why he hates his father so much. Thankfully, we also get to see why Lex is so loyal to his mother. With London Soul, we are also given more aspects of how royalty has impacted The Chase Brothers both past and present. Speaking of the present, Nana Malone giveth and she taketh away. Nana gave us a preview of Xander and what should be is happy ending. Yet some how, she does the unthinkable and ends this duet on a cliffhanger!!!!! So just be forewarned that you will be dying in wait for Royal Playboy aka Xander’s story.

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