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The second novel in a hot new urban fantasy series that reviewers are describing as "Packed full of action, emotion, and powerful writing!"

Fen is a half-werewolf who's lost her pack. All she wants is a home and an ordinary human life, which means seeking out the deadbeat mom who abandoned her a decade ago.

Her journey takes her to a simple small town that's serene on the outside yet contains a rotten core of complicated danger. A stalker, a bomb threat, and a rogue shifter keep her hopping, but Fen's greatest struggle lies within her own heart.

Will she be able mend her relationship with her mom and find a place to belong...and can she do so without risking her mother's life?

USA Today bestselling author Aimee Easterling's Alpha Underground trilogy begins with Half Wolf, continues with Lone Wolf Dawn, and concludes with Wolf Landing.

Sci-Fi & Fantasy
June 14
Wetknee Books
Aimee Easterling

Customer Reviews

Max/ryder ,

Another Winner!

Aimee has created another entertaining series. Fen is very engaging and her uber wolf is challenging. The story flows quite nicely. Very good read.

Izzibear ,

Heartwarming, Action Packed Adventure

Fen left behind her pack to confront the family that seemingly abandoned her years ago. Leaving Fen insecure, untrusting and with a big hole inside. Along the way Fen and Hunter team up to save the lives of many Bloodling pups. Their bond grows stronger but Fen still keeps part of herself locked away. Misfortune befalls Fen as she finds herself the prime suspect of a criminal investigation. With danger lurking around every corner Fen has to work quickly to figure out who the real perpetrator is and why they are after her mother before it’s too late.
I liked Lone Wolf better than the first book. Fen’s character grows quite a bit in this part of her journey making me like her so much more than before. I also liked how the relationship develops between Fen and her mother. The ending was just the beginning for Fen and her group. I look forward to continuing their journey in the next book.

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