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When sarcastic loner Haruka gets transported with his class to another world, he's not wild about adventuring, but he wouldn't mind having some cool powers. Unfortunately, he's last in line when the magic cheat skills get divvied up, so by the time it's Haruka's turn, there are no good choices left. Now Haruka will have to take on this fantasy world the hard way--on his own, with a hodgepodge of bizarre skills! When infighting and chaos break out among his classmates, can this loner come to the rescue?

Fiction & Literature
July 1
Seven Seas Entertainment
Seven Seas Entertainment, LLC.

Customer Reviews

Jade 91 ,

Don’t know how I feel about the books cover picture… kinda deceiving

Best light novel I have ever had the pleasure of reading. I could not stop crying tears of happiness and laughter after every chapter. I could hug the author, since I can practically die having obtained pure content with this life. This book is that good-

Florendo19 ,

Amusing at first but starts getting old after awhile

The main character is enjoyable at first and his antics are amusing for about half the novel but there is little to no character development for him or anyone else. In fact they all seem to regress development wise although this is acknowledged using the leveling up of the protagonists “blockhead” stat and the other characters basically spending to much time with him. The free sample gives a pretty good taste of exactly what the rest of the book will be like as it kinda just stays roughly the same. Solid time waster book but I don’t feel like reading it again.