Long Train Home Long Train Home

Long Train Home

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Ryan Spencer won't get on a plane...and a major league ballplayer who won't get on a plane better hit .400, knock in one hundred and fifty runs and never chase the high cheese. So, it's fortunate that Ryan is a five-tool player. He can take one low and outside and turn it into two.  He can jack a mistake, back-row bleachers, and cherry-pop quick. He can smother the short hop like an unwanted puppy and throw strikes from shallow leftfield.  But he won't fly.

So, like Babe Ruth, Ty Cobb, and Ted Williams before him, Ryan rides the rails from town to town. But as he travels across the continent he also travels back in time. The first time Ryan wakes on the train, he's in 1939, sitting beside thirteen-year-old Georgie Abbott who has snuck aboard and is looking for the man who murdered his sister. Ten days later, Ryan wakes between Denver and Kansas City, it's 1941, Georgie's two years older, more determined, and looking for help. More help than Ryan can give.

Two weeks later, when Ryan falls asleep on the train from Montreal to New York City, the Expos are struggling, Ryan can't lay off the outside slider, and his teammates hate him. When he wakes up, Hiroshima is still smoldering, Richard Nixon is running for Congress, seven more girls have been murdered and Georgie Abbott won't take no for an answer.  Georgie and Ryan spend seventy years and the rest of that summer tracking down the men who killed Georgie's sister and a dozen other young women. And in between Ryan and the Montreal Expos scramble after a wild-card spot and a shot at the big prize.

Long Train Home, a literary thriller, owes something to WP Kinsella and Field of Dreams. It's about baseball, time's thin veil, and the weight of accumulated regret, but it's a new story and a new voice. 

Mysteries & Thrillers
March 29
Level Best Books
Ingram DV LLC

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