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Do you care if your Bible is missing things? If so, this book is for you. Words, phrases, even whole verses are missing from most modern Bibles. Are they missing from your Bible? What words describing the Trinity are completely removed from most Bibles? What verse takes away the Deity of Jesus Christ, by removing a single stroke from one Greek letter? What word is left untranslated in crucial places in modern Bibles, because it teaches an "uncomfortable" doctrine? How did removing one single word make Jesus into a liar? This book proves why your Bible needs to be the untainted words of God, not the changing opinions of men. And it shows you, in over 250 verses and in 40 popular Bible versions, what is missing -- and where. So pick up your Bible and let this book help you find out for yourself if something's missing.

Religion & Spirituality
July 3
Chick Publications, Inc.
Chick Publications, Inc.

Customer Reviews

SusyCarvajal230 ,


This book has help me understand and also study what the Word of God really means.

BilboDrapela ,


This well-written and thoroughly documented book may be one of the most important books in the world of the 21st century. The concept of truth is all but completely snuffed out in the world today. And for the tiny percentage of honest, truth-seeking human beings that exist in the world today, the Bible is the *only* place they will find it.

The topic is beyond important...it is quite literally the meaning of life itself. This is why Satan has worked so tirelessly on corrupting it, and slandering whatever he cannot corrupt.

The author points out the rational and scriptural viewpoint that God would not let the most important message in the universe fall by the wayside. If you believe that very logical (and scriptural) supposition, then it is vital to seek and find that message--the only pure, unadulterated message of truth that He has preserved for us. And it's not difficult to find it, thanks to exceptional and obedient men like this author--but especially thanks to the Counselor, the Comforter, and the one sent by the Father when Jesus ascended so that we would NOT be left to fend for ourselves.

My Lord said, "Seek and ye shall find..."

So...do you believe Jesus? It's not impossible. In fact it's happening throughout the world as you read this. The Spirit lives and is active among those who trust the Lord and His message.

Amen, come Lord Jesus!