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The plan was for beautiful Claire to marry the terrifyingly sinister Simon of Navarre, wizard in residence to Richard the Fair. Instead her plain sister Alys takes her place, proving herself more than a match for the man with the secrets, while sweet Claire falls in love with a handsome knight, while the truly evil Richard the Fair tries to make life miserable for all. Set in medieval times, this is a rich, gorgeous tale of love and deception and ultimate redemption.

February 3
Anne Stuart
Smashwords, Inc.

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TX-AnnieR ,

Love this story

I originally bought this in used paper back ages ago and loved it. When I found it at iTunes I bought it in ebook. Have read it three times in that format (of course after a lengthy pause to give me long enough to forget it enough-although you can never forget it all, but just the little details to make it feel a little new again- to enjoy all over again). Love the story so much and I know I will use it in future for many good rereads to come when I am sick of not finding a really good book with the same tired story lines, which happens all to often when I find myself over filed of reading generic overdone romance gibberish. This book is truly unusual in story line, at least to me, and I have read so many books in my 62 years I can't even count them all. I felt it was truly different from the standard format for historical romance and so original. I am not even sure I would call it a typical romance as it's so unusual in story line. But dang if I don't feel at the end like it was a wonderful romance after all. So very satisfying. Love love love this book. The end is abrupt but I feel it is a perfect ending. I would not have the author add a single word. My imagination made the ending last a very long time as I pictured the adventure to come for them. I didn't even want an epilogue as I made one in my heart. LOVE THIS BOOK.

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