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The Power of Love and Darkness

How strong do you need to be to tempt your sealed fate?

Kelly Green had plans for her senior year of college.

Graduate. Get a job. And hopefully find love.

What she didn't include was:

1. Getting kidnapped by an arrogant vampire 

2. Getting swept into his world of eternal darkness

3. And she certainly didn't plan on falling for him...

Mason is the leader of the Rebels, an army fighting in a secret war that is about to get real. Vampires have enslaved elves for centuries, and Mason's men fight for their freedom.

He's willing do anything to see his people as the victors… whatever it takes.

This includes kidnapping a woman who isn't what she seems and doing whatever he must in order to keep her close…

Including pretending to fall in love…

In the magical world of Asea, destiny's course is set like a dance.

Nothing in life has been left up to chance.

Are they ready?

Are you?

Fiction & Literature
October 14
Shania Tyler
Draft2Digital, LLC

Customer Reviews

'vannah ,

Needs editing

Very nice concept and good read, however... definitely feels like a rough draft was published instead of the final copy. There were A LOT of errors throughout the book- grammar, syntactic, and plot holes. It also felt like there were some inconsistencies in character development and voice. Could there be missing pages/chapters?

I did really like the storyline and concept, but this definitely needs a good edit by the author! Overall, good book!

Windago5153 ,

Couldn’t finish this

I think it had a really cool concept and stuff but I feel like the author was maybe getting ahead of herself. It was really hard to follow. Kelly sort of came across as an airhead. The story felt jumpy and could have been slowed down and elaborated a little better. Great concept though. Maybe the story got better, I stopped reading halfway through. Just couldn’t hold my attention and too cringy. Sorry.

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