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Following the exodus of the Thirteenth Tribe and the dissolution of the Olympic Council as depicted in "Book One: Apotheosis," "Book Two: Descent" finds the gods scattered about Kobol. Apollo, though, is urged to confide in one man the true story of the Pantheon.

You now know what the Lords of Kobol are. Prepare to learn whence they came. How did they gain dominion over mankind? In "Book One," the words "Draco" and "Prometheus" are cursed whispers from the past. Who were the Draco? What did Prometheus do? And what of "The One?" Where does "it" fit into all of this?

See the gathering of the Twelve Tribes under Mount Olympus. Watch as the Great Flood nearly wipes out the gods' early followers. Behold the Lords of Kobol, hefting great weapons and arrayed in gleaming armor, take to the battlefield against their enemies. Gaze upon the seeds being sown for mankind's eventual departure from paradise ...

If "Book One: Apotheosis" was a slow-burn introduction to this world, the continuation of the story from "Battlestar Galactica" and "Caprica"'s distant past is an emotional and action-packed roller coaster ride. There is a Plan and questions will be answered.

Sci-Fi & Fantasy
August 26
Edward T. Yeatts III
Smashwords, Inc.

Customer Reviews

Wentifer ,

Utterly fantastic

I finished Book Two yesterday and it was an incredible experience! I just couldn’t put it down! The origins of the Lord of Kobol explained! This story is incredibly epic in scope and I am amazed at how well everything wove together. Wow. This is the BSG background I have been needing for so long, one that finally explains the whole series and puts it into perspective. Because the one thing about both the original and the new series is that you come in at the end of race’s story. I always felt like I was missing so much of it, of what came before. I can’t believe that this book is for free. This story is amazing, I just couldn’t put it down! It’s been a while since I was so captivated by a book!

Vosges1945 ,

Goes even deeper than Book One...

Delving even farther back into the start of all the events that led up to the re-imagined TV series, “Book Two: Descent” does not disappoint. I’ve always had an interest in the ‘Lords of Kobol’ and Mr Yeatts has spun a mesmerizing yarn in this book about their ‘Great Experiment’.

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