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Thousands of years before the Cylons destroyed the Twelve Colonies and the Battlestar Galactica led a ragtag fleet to Earth, the Lords of Kobol lived among mankind in peace and harmony. Zeus, Hera, Apollo, Athena, Ares ... the gods provided and the people worshipped. But who or what were they?

Humanity has reached the pinnacle of their civilization, thanks to the Lords. Once they've reached the top, what is next? After three millennia, are there some subjects eager to be free of the Pantheon's rule? Are the Olympian overseers weary? Are there others who deny the gods' divinity in the first place?

Partake in the fruits of Utopia and observe Kobol at its peak. See Pythia encounter divine inspiration. Watch as the Thirteenth Tribe is born. Gaze upon the seeds being sown for mankind's eventual departure from paradise ...

Fans of "Battlestar Galactica" and "Caprica" can't miss the first book in a trilogy detailing the ancient history of the shows we love. There is a Plan and questions will be answered.

Sci-Fi & Fantasy
August 3
Edward T. Yeatts III
Smashwords, Inc.

Customer Reviews

Emc2384 ,

Can't beat it

Can't beat it for free, good story a little long but I will read the other books in the series, it kept me wanting to read more.

Wentifer ,


I recently began rewatching season one of BSG (the reimagined series) and got intrigued by the whole Lords of Kobol thing, which sadly the series didn’t seem to address beyond some cryptic references. Who were they really? And what really prompted the exodus from Kobol to the colonies? Plus there is the matter of the one god who rebelled—was he the cylon god or a Lord of Kobol? Like I said, it has been really bothering me that we don’t get more on Kobol. Obviously since actual artifacts like the arrow exist, the Lords were real people so who the heck were they and what became of them? .

So for the past day or so I’ve been reading up on online BSG lore and today I hit upon searching the term “Who were the Lords of Kobol” which took me to some old posts where I saw a reference to this book series. Totally intrigued, I downloaded because, hey, they free.. I wasn’t sure what to expect but finished books 1-3 today. . Wow! It rings true to the vision of the series! I finally feel satisfied and my curiosity is finally being appeased as to who the ancient humans on Kobol were, how it is that they “lived” with the gods and how they developed the humanoid cylons that eventually became the 13th tribe. It is awesome! I am so amazed by how they have captured the essential “feel” of the show while delving into the ancient history of BSG) This is like the missing chapter of Galactica history. I love it. Reading it is like turning the key that unlocks the ancient mystery of what Kobol was. The writing is professional, and it’s a good thing I have a few days off of work because I could not put this series down!

Vosges1945 ,

Great “prequel”...

In a series that’s had more than it’s fair shares of “Prequels”, this would be the actual Mother of them all. It tells the events that started the ball rolling leading up to the re-imagined TV series, and it actually delivers.
I’d love to see this brought to the screen, it IS that good!
For BSG fans, it’s a must read, and you can’t beat the price for the series…

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