Los Diggities - By Name Los Diggities - By Name

Los Diggities - By Name

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One day on the porch of her “new home” in the hills of Los Angeles, XENA, a rescued 7 year old brindle Great Dane, opens a conversation with her 2 best friends, OSO (an 18 month old rescued Golden Retriever/Chow mix) and OSCAR (a 10 year old rescued Boxer) with the question, “Like, how did we all get here to Los Angeles?”  

Xena had originally started out as a potential show dog—or at least that’s what she had been told by her first owner.  Born and raised in “the Valley” of Chatsworth, California, she speaks with a “Valley Girl” accent and carries herself as a Princess.  Due to mysterious circumstances, at the age of 19 months she was taken from her pampered life and left at a rescue shelter.  

Within 2 weeks there, she is completely heartbroken and stops eating.  Enter JEANIE, her wacky, eccentric new human, who sees the beauty in this poor, skinny creature and brings her home with her.

Oso, at the tender age of 4months old, narrowly escaped the clutches of evil dog catchers in Cabo San Lucas.  His mother and 5 brothers and sisters were not so lucky, however. Born on the streets, he and his siblings enjoyed the freedom of living off of the good graces of humans and their garbage cans until the day the dog catchers came and took all but Oso away. He recounts with sadness and guilt the harrowing memories of hearing their cries as they were being driven off to uncertain futures in locked boxes.  Rescued by a young couple (SAUL and REBECCA, their two young daughters HANNAH & MARIE, and their cat SUSHI)—he is brought to Los Angeles where he now lives directly across the street from Xena and Oscar.  

Oscar is a brindle Boxer who’d been abandoned in a park miles from his home just after he turned 10 years old.  He was rescued by Xena and Jeanie while they were out on a walk early one morning and now lives happily with them. Jeanie, their human, is a gentle lady with a crazy sense of humor and a heart of gold, though many—including the dogs—consider her slightly “out there”.

The three pals now describe their sorrowful pasts with one another and then decide to form their own pack as “Los Diggities”.  Joyful in their new found homes and friendships, Xena the “Princess from the valley”, Oscar, the “wise old sage”, and Oso, the young, reckless “puppy”, vow to always “stick together as friends forever”.  

Book One, “Los Diggities By Name” is the beginning of their many adventures and lessons learned together—lessons and adventures meant to be shared with young children and their families and friends alike!

The book is narrated by Jeanie Cunningham and it also includes the Los Diggities song!

    May 25
    The Grifflet Company
    The Grifflet Company AS
    Grades 1 and Above

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