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A single phone call changes Anthony's life forever. Something about Diane's voice is different—distant. Instinctively, he realizes that his wife is in trouble. Something has gone horribly wrong, but what? He retraces her route to a nearby restaurant and witnesses the aftermath of a grisly traffic accident. He soon discovers that it's Diane under the bloody sheet. The trauma of her death triggers his first out-of-body experience and communication with her. It continues to haunt him. He wants to believe the encounter is genuine, but is it? He fears the psychological impact has put him over the edge. Shock and grief take over Anthony's life, setting-off paranormal episodes and hallucinations. He is suddenly thrust into timeless worlds that exist just beyond the five senses, yet seem to be an extension of physical reality and two simple truths hidden in plain sight … so the journey begins. Little does he know where it will take him and how much is at stake.

Sci-Fi & Fantasy
July 12
Lulu Enterprises, Inc.

Customer Reviews

Eleuthra ,

Great Read - Wild Ride

Lost In Plain Sight really made me think. Though it's not scientifically complicated, it raises some very complex ideas and blends them with great action, an unassuming hero and a battle of good vs. evil that takes your mind from one world to the next and back again. I don't want to give too much away, but the concept of what happens after the physical body dies - and the ways in which the living may cross between planes is handled so well here in this book. And from what I can tell - this is not pure fiction. I looked up some of what the author wrote about and found tons of scientific evidence to back up the story. Gerard's prose is visually stunning and I think this would make an amazing film. Bravo, David Gerard!

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