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A My Summer In Seoul Novel

Lost In Seoul

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Publisher Description

Lost in Seoul is a standalone new adult romance set in the competitive world of K-pop from bestselling authors Rachel Van Dyken and Colet Abedi.

A meet cute is supposed to be cute.
Ours was sexy. Chaotic. Not normal.

Less than 10 minutes after we met, I realized we could never be. She was forbidden to me.

She held my hand behind his back.
I gripped hers, knowing it was wrong.

I was on the cusp of superstardom—and still I held her fingertips because it felt right.
Knowing that when it all went wrong, we would be done—the media would destroy us.
After all, not only was she was four years older than me, she was the leader of SWT's sister—my best friend—and someone who could wreck everything we'd worked for.

But I still held on.

I'm lost. So lost.
I'm the youngest in the group, the one everyone sees as the most innocent.
But they don't know the stolen moments with her.
The kisses.
The touching.
They don't know any of that.

So I keep acting as if I’m pure as the driven snow when really all it took was one chance meeting.
To make.

Hi, I'm Sookie, Maknae of SWT, the most famous K-pop group in the world.
And I'm pretty sure I'm not just lost… nah, I'm about to fall.

December 11
Van Dyken Enterprises INC
Rachel Van Dyken

Customer Reviews

asildroffops ,

The Maknae of the K-Pop Band

I had the oppportunity to read Lost in Seoul by Rachel Van Dyken this month. I accidentally read My Summer in Seoul first, which gave me the necessary background to understand the culture of the world of K-Pop. I think Lost in Seoul could be read as a stand-alone, but the 1st book helped me, since the FMC has to learn the information herself. This book is about Sookie, the Maknae of the most famous K-Pop group, SWT. He has been in love with the sister of his band leader for years. Ali and Sookie were connecting in secret without crossing any lines. As the Maknae, Sookie had been cast in the role of the innocent with a contract that prohibited him from dating for four years and Sookie was chafing under the restrictions of his role. Ali was the lawyer for the label. Being caught kissing could get him cancelled by fans. Ali could lose her job. The label had decided to promote the upcoming comebacks for SWT and their junior group, TestMe, by filming a dating show, where the K-Pop Idols would date fans. How would Sookie and Ali survive his dating other girls, including his ex-girlfriend, when their need to be together was becoming overwhelming? This was a great book! I am impressed with the amount of research that the authors did in order to write this series. I am also in awe of the life that K-Pop Idols must live. The story of Sookie and Ali is developed under a pressure cooker of obligations, expectations, and responsibilities. It describes a very restrictive life and outlines the sacrifices that these stars make. I adored Sookie and the relationship between his band members. It was a window into a world of which I had no previous knowledge. I definitely recommend this best friend’s sister/rockstar romance novel for those who enjoy that trope in contemporary, new adult romance. The authors created a group of characters that I hope will produce many more books! I am voluntarily writing this honest review after reading an advanced complementary copy of this book thanks to Wildfire Marketing Solutions and Van Dyken Enterprises INC.

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