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Kurt loves the 1990s! Thanks to his parents who graduated Hazel Park High the exact same year he was born — 1994 — he’s a walking encyclopedia of '90s nostalgia from "American Pie" to Zima.

Dave dreams of becoming the next Kurt Cobain. But first, he has to get himself out of "Hazeltucky" — and away from the pretty cheerleader he’s had his eye on since freshman year at "Hillbilly" High.

Michelle’s got it all: beauty, brains, a popular boyfriend. The Homecoming Queen of HPHS is going places after graduation. The last thing she needs in her life is a wannabe grunge rocker — or a baby.

At his school's "Lost in the '90s" dance, a wild stage-dive into the mosh pit leaves Kurt facedown on the floor, unconscious. When he wakes, he meets up with Michelle. But the boy doesn’t recognize the girl as being one of his classmates...and vice-versa.

After Kurt runs into Dave at the local diner, he senses something is definitely NOT right in the state of Michigan. Is it the old-fashioned TV set showing "Mad About You" reruns during primetime? Or the fact that, suddenly, there’s a smoking section over in the corner? Or maybe the date on this week's Metro Times is what finally tips him off: April 6-12 — 1994!

Soon, it becomes apparent Kurt has traveled back in time. Bill Clinton is President of the United States, Ace of Base holds the #1 song in America, and somewhere in the "Friendly City" of Hazel Park, Kurt’s parents are both 18-year-old high school seniors. But where could they possibly be...and what will happen if Kurt bumps into them?

Young Adult
June 13
Frank Anthony Polito
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