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What does a Viking fear most? Thorgaut Kabbisson is lost in the Knulkforrest of Northworld. Can he find his way back to his Viking ship while fending off the attacks of wolves, giant mind-reading spiders, undead Shuffler, and NightWalker? And who is Katla and what does she want from him? Follow the adventures of Thorgaut as he searches for a way back to claim his rightful seat on the throne.

Meet Thorgaut Kabbisson, a Viking prince and the heir to the hall of Jorundarfell who looks forward to dying in battle. He intends to enter the halls of Valhalla with honor. He goes exploring the vast lands of NorthWorld after raiding the town Sjoland. He gets separated from his friends and lost in the Knulkforrest. 

Hordes of shufflers, undead wolves, NightWalkers, and giant spiders seem intent on transforming him into one of the undead. He now fears he will never enter Valhalla. Can he stay 'not undead' long enough to die?

He discovers that Knulkforrest is a strange place under Halldora's control. Her shufflers attack Thorgaut in the night, and he fights to stay alive. He finds her home and intends to use her to create an army of undead soldiers to conquer a kingdom for himself. But he gets caught in a snare where a pack of wolves attacks him. 

Thorgaut fights the wolves off valiantly but is bitten. He is grateful to be rescued by a stranger, but then he wakes up chained to a bed. He is close to being killed off by the very person who saved him from the wolves. Before his captor can finish him off though, they come under attack by a group of NightWalkers. 

The dazed Viking prince doesn't understand what is going on but manages to escape. One of the other survivors takes him to an underground cave that runs below the house. They block off the entrance to the cave when chased by bounty hunters who are after the NightWalkers. Now, Thorgaut and Svart are trapped inside the cave. 

The Viking prince and the half-dwarf head deeper into the tunnels to find another way out. They stumble upon giant spiders who think they would make a delightful snack. Thorgaut makes friends and enemies among the spiders, and he picks up a few strange skills along the way. He has to fight his way out of the cave in the hopes of making it back to his friends alive and undead. 

Even if he makes it out of the cave with the boy and the spider he befriended, nothing will ever be the same for Thorgaut Kabbisson of Northworld.

Sci-Fi & Fantasy
June 8
Bailey Media
Draft2Digital, LLC

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