Lost Nowhere Lost Nowhere
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Young Lily is misunderstood. She's awkwardly shy and has difficulty making friends. Her behavior to the outside world seems somewhat peculiar and she spends much of her time being examined by professionals with no answers aside from the obvious—no mother figure. As per the doctors instructions, Lily and her father move to a new home to ignite a fresh beginning.

Although Lily usually rejects change, the ancient mansion intrigues her, and she collects various ornaments leftover from the previous tenants, unaware that each of her findings was leading her to discover the portal to a faraway world called Sa Neo.

The enchanted world of Sa Neo is not easy to navigate; there are no maps, no time and many rulers. Finding herself isolated in the unknown world of Sa Neo requires Lily to use all of her senses carefully, and her sixth sense, her intuition, quickly becomes her most valuable weapon.

As Lily explores the seven lands, she is taught the magical ways of the Sa Neo people, and is called upon by the leading witch, Queen Jade, to be initiated into the witches circle. However it's not only the sorcerers on the land who are captivated with Lily's presence, but the mermaids who reign underwater are also in admiration. The mermaid Princess Crysanthe forms an unbreakable bond with Lily, becoming her first friend ever! There is one rule though – Lily must keep the existence of the mermaids secret from the Sa Neo people. 

As Lily is exposed to unwelcome popularity, she is forced to juggle her secrets between the witches of the land and the mermaids of the sea. Conflicted with whom to trust, Lily quickly realizes that the world of Sa Neo is not as it seems and her perception of reality is changed forever.

Lost Nowhere is a magical realism series about Lily, a troubled teen, who is forced to accept the ongoing changes in her life when she travels to the enchanted world of Sa Neo. The world of Sa Neo is full of mystical creatures and spiritual entities. It is a world of two realities: the seen and the unseen. Beneath the waters lies a kingdom of mermaids, and on the 7 lands above, you will meet powerful witches who hold great magic. It is a deeply entwined twist on reality, with spiritual philosophy and pagan witchcraft, set within a beautiful fantasy fiction world that will encourage the reader to accept fate and love themselves.

Fiction & Literature
November 11
Phoebe Garnsworthy
Draft2Digital, LLC

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