Sex, Romance and Other Dangerous Drugs

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Neuroscience tells us that falling in love affects our brains the same way as snorting cocaine does. Award-winning author and screenwriter Ethlie Ann Vare already knew that; she's been addicted to both... and lived to tell the tale. This 2020 update of the 2011 best-seller LOVE ADDICT: SEX, ROMANCE AND OTHER DANGEROUS DRUGS takes on the addictions we don't want to talk about and talks about them with humor, honesty, and hope in ways smart, funny, revealing and ultimately healing. 

“This book sheds light on one of the fastest growing addictions in our society”—Blush Magazine

Just because something is addictive doesn't mean that you will get addicted to it. But...if your stomach ties up in knots while you count the seconds waiting for a call from that special someone...if you suffer the twin agonies of craving for and withdrawing from a series of unrequited crushes or toxic relationships...if you feel like you're clutching at someone's ankle and dragged across the floor as they try to leave the room...if you find yourself having sex with people you wouldn't have lunch with...this book may be for you.

“I am a licensed mental health therapist certified in sex addiction. I have read countless books, but this one is the best”—Dr. Suzanne Rucker

Are you—or someone you care about is—suffering from an obsession with romance, infatuation, fantasy, hookups, pornography, or some combination of the above? Are you mystified by your attraction to unavailable partners? Unable to extricate yourself from a relationship that you know is bad for you? LOVE ADDICT can help. It explores the biological, emotional and historical elements of sex and love addiction, introduces you to some prominent people who have struggled with it, and does it all from Ethlie’s smart, funny, and decidedly quirky perspective on life and love.

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September 1
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Ethlie Ann Vare

Customer Reviews

mrbla1 ,

Love addiction

Ethlie has taking a topic that is hard to talk about and made it easy to understand. All the while fearlessly telling us there is another way.

Lavinater ,

Such a Valuable Resource!

I totally get why Love Addict has been one of the best-selling volumes about love addiction for so many years. It’s readable, insightful, smart, and fun. In the latest update, Ethlie takes it to the next level with a modern design that brings out the best of the book. It was such a pleasure to read again that I’m a bit jealous of new readers.

Moramor99 ,


Ethlie’s blog is one of the best ongoing sources for accessible information, provocative truth-saying, and sharp wit — and this seminal book is the culmination of all her expertise on the important subject of relationships in all their gory details.