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“I am married to you now, Jake, no strings attached… I was holding on to my first marriage so tightly. As long as we had that agreement, I could still feel I wasn’t betraying my first vows, the vows I meant.”

Brooke Sandstrom has just been laid off and her house is in foreclosure. With no husband to support her, Brooke must make a decision for the financial security of her young son, who has special education needs, and her ailing mother living in a care facility.

When her friend offers her the option of remarrying for security, Brooke jumps at the opportunity when she cannot find another job and the care facility is threatening to kick her mother out.

Jake Parker needs a wife. Tired of being nagged by his mother to settle down, Jake decides to give her what she wants so that he can continue to see his beautiful girlfriend in the city, who is married to a Count.

Proposing to Brooke, Jake comes up with an arrangement that will solve both of their problems. He will have a wife for appearance sake and a companion for his mother, and Brooke will have security without having to perform the most basic marital duties.

It’s an arrangement that works well for both of them until Jake is forced to make a decision. But his indecision may cost him not only his family on paper, but also a chance for meaningful love. (Adult Contemporary Romance, Drama)

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November 15
R.A. Lee
Smashwords, Inc.

Customer Reviews

simply_keiaa ,

Good read

Heartbreaking story of two people finding love after losing their first loves in different ways. There was lots of repetitiveness throughout the story that could’ve been taken out. I don’t know if the author was just trying to emphasize points or didn’t realize it the same thing was said 4 times in two sentences. Either way it was kind of annoying.

I thought the author would tie together the point that was made between the difference in lust and love with the male lead, it didn’t happen. I would’ve preferred that he come to that conclusion rather than the one he did, but it was still a good read overall. Definitely would recommend.

MsReadsAlot ,

It was a good read

Despite being sad and heartbreaking, it was a fairly good read.

Seemore88 ,


This book was just too depressing. It could have been shorter if all the repetitive thoughts had been cut out because those repetitions made this book a chore to read. It also left the two main characters in a shaky marriage when they were committing to each other, but still longing for their first true loves.

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