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Table Of ContentsCould This Be Love:Jake Tinsel, the son of one of the New York’s richest men, Mr. Jones, is about to make a decision which will change his life forever. Working for his dad was one of Jake’s worst dreams. But, being so persistent, Mr. Jones couldn’t let his son, who had experience in the field he was working in, to go and work for someone else.After having been heartbroken, Jake decides never to fall in love again. But fate can’t be changed, it can only be delayed. Jake meets this very beautiful girl who works in his father’s company, the very one he is about to manage. From the very first encounter with her, he realizes his life is never going to be the same. He was prepared to go any lengths just to be with this damsel he had met. But was that going to be an easy task? Courting the girls had never been a problem to the handsome well figured, young eligible bachelor. Was this going to be any different? Could this be love that Jake Tinsel had finally experienced again?Barbara, not being the type who could fall so easily for sweet talk, gave Jake some hard times. But in the end, no one can resist love. She gives in just to later realize Jake had had a former lover who was her mortal enemy and who had caused her so much pain in the past.But could that quench the love that existed between them? Find out!Keep Dreaming:Kingsley Fon, the protagonist, is a scoundrel of low birth. He works against all the odds surrounding his small world until the very end. First, he wins the admiration of the old folks and everybody in his village by being a child of good conduct and hard work. Then gradually, as the flower of the flock, and holding a series of cherished dreams in his heart, he climbs tirelessly up the tree of life and in the end brings joy and honour to his poor parents when he is able to make them smile with his achievements in education. He wanted to achieve three things at all costs: to be a freelance writer, to own a publishing house and to be a happy family man. He works so hard to succeed in life and he is blessed as he moves closer to the his goals….

July 15
DoroClem Publishing
Smashwords, Inc.

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