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Beautiful Megan Dunning, gorgeous black sheep of a middle class family, is a professional paramour without a job. Megan is supremely well able to fill any partner with glorious satisfaction. While having a drink in a private club, she meets John Winekot III. John is her deceased husbandís friend. Instantly, mutual seduction begins for this unattached pair of unusual misfits. Megan has never met John Winekot before, but John has been in love with Megan since he first saw her at a birthday party three years ago. They dine together and spend a night locked in lust. By dawn, Megan has again been hired as a paramour for a wealthy man, only this time the end result will be entirely different.

Amy Currieís marriage is in serious trouble, so she calls Megan Dunning, her former college roommate, and asks for help. Being wonderfully intuitive, Megan quickly establishes that Amyís husband has crossed the line into a homosexual affair. Divorce quickly follows.

After months of living alone, Amy discovers Matt Slade working on the apartment next door. Dinner and a hot tub escapade quickly turn a casual meeting into an ember-hot relationship.

Both women are used to attaining the ultimate satisfaction in bed. Each conquers her man in the same manner, with guile and attention to detail. Nothing about the profile of either of these women proves unendurably bland. Both are well able to melt the hardest of bachelor hearts.

Will these two luscious, highly sexed female friends find the permanent, ultra-satisfying relationships they seek?

Fiction & Literature
October 12
Double Dragon Publishing
Double Dragon Publishing

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