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This expanded edition contains loads of never-before-seen content including:

- brand new Morna's Legacy short story

- special extended scenes

- deleted scenes

- character interviews

- and more.

A hunky Scottish laird. A time-traveling teacher. A tragic history only she can prevent.

Schoolteacher Brielle "Bri" Montgomery wonders where all the good men have gone. They certainly don't waltz through her meticulous life in Texas. Venturing out of her comfort zone, she joins her archaeologist mother on a dig in Scotland… and finds herself transported 400 years into the past. Shocked and bewildered, Bri learns she's just moments away from marrying an impossibly sexy Scotsman…

Eoin Conall has no interest in wedding the woman who irritates him to no end. But with the promise to his dying father fresh in his mind, he ties the knot with his insufferable bride. To his surprise, something has changed about her. Something irresistible. Could he be falling for the wife he never wanted?

With the chiseled man of her dreams standing before her, Bri wishes she wasn't well aware of history's impending slaughter of Eoin and the entire Conall Clan. Unable to accept his gruesome fate, she sets out to rewrite history.

Will Bri and Eoin succeed in protecting their impossible romance or is their heartbreaking fate already sealed?

November 20
Bethany Claire Books
Morgan Hysinger

Customer Reviews

Deal Dang It ,


Warning: Do not begin this series unless you wish to be entranced by continuing development of the love lives of Morna’s lassies.

I’ve never been one to allow myself to read traditional “romance novels”, but I got the first in the series from BookBub and just decided to try an easy read for escapism. I’ve now bought and finished book #10!

I think what I enjoy most is the contrast between the feminism of the 21st Century women and the social structures of the 17th Century. The stories have the basic boy meets girl plots, but each has enough other plot elements to keep them interesting.

I strongly recommend this series as a great beach read for the summer.

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