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All she needs is someone to prove her wrong. 

Laurel’s life bears no resemblance to the love stories she writes. While handsome heroes are easy to imagine, they’re much more difficult to find. Years of bad dates with creepy men have left her feeling cynical toward all things related to love. When she and her best friend find themselves caught up in Morna’s meddling magic and are transported to seventeenth century Scotland, Laurel meets a man who threatens to change her attitude toward matters of the heart. 

After two years away, Raudrich returns to his home on The Isle of Eight Lairds to resume the duty he’s pledged his life to. When he arrives, he finds an out-of-time lassie asleep in his bed. The woman intrigues him, and it doesn’t take long before she captures his heart. But something inside causes her to resist her feelings. If only he could help her love herself, perhaps she would have room in her heart to love him in return. 

As their feelings grow, so does the strength of an evil held captive beneath the castle—an evil that will do anything to escape. 

Will Laurel open herself up to the possibility of love? If she does, can she find the power within herself to outwit the evil she’s destined to face? 

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December 12
Bethany Claire Books
Morgan Hysinger

Customer Reviews

The Vivixen ,

OMG this is Bethany Claire at her best.

I've been a Bethany Claire fan for two years now. I've read all of her books...the original series, the 'sweet' version of the original series and I've listened to the available audio books. Love Beyond Words is my new favorite. There's some old characters, lots of new characters....some old magic...new magic...and a touch of well done supernatural. This new book opens the doors for so many new stories. I'm excited for what's to come.

SurpriseMe32 ,

Another great addition!

So I just finished Love Beyond Words this afternoon. I can not describe how excited I am by the new direction of the series! It felt fresh and exciting but kept the same relatable qualities of the rest of the series. I'm so happy to see where this leads! Great job Bethany! Adefinite book to recommend to friends!

Monijp ,

Best yet

This is my new favorite book in the series. Morna and Jerry as well as a few other past characters are still in the book, but Bethany has created a whole cast of new intriguing characters. There’s magic, mystery, and love. The book does have its own HEA but also lays the foundation for many more possible stories.

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