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Making a fool of myself in front of the hottest guy on campus? Check! Then getting stuck as roommates with the same hottie? Check! Being completely humiliated by him on the very first night? Also check!  

When Luca gets kicked out by her cheating ex-boyfriend, she's assigned to share a dorm suite with the biggest player on campus.

Ben Nowak isn't just brazen, he is brazenly sexy. A jerk with an irresistible smile that gets him whatever he wants. Luca might find him charming if everything he said didn't make her blood boil!

Surviving this semester means ignoring her new roomie, his stupid sexy smirk and his constant string of casual hook ups. It's the perfect plan. Until one night a mix up lands Luca in Ben's bedroom– and he sets her heart racing for completely different reasons…

Love Chaos has been hailed by booksellers as “incredibly funny and captivating.”

This is the first book in the Love Chaos Series by Ute Jackle.

July 29
Wild Hearts Romance
Vasko Pty Ltd

Customer Reviews

olalola12 ,


I got hooked immediately on this book. There is a very realistic awkwardness with Luca that made me like her instantly. The other characters are also very likable and I continued to like them even more as more information about them was revealed. The story is very well written and moves at a great pace. The author dropped just enough hints to let the reader know there is a deeper story to each of the characters but without revealing everything in the first book. I can’t wait to continue reading more books in the series. I couldn’t put this book down and finished the whole thing in one day!

G000girl ,

LoveChaos byUte Jackie from WHR

Luca Vogt is assigned to share a dorm room with two men. The school admin mistook her name as a male. Luca has just left a cheating boyfriend behind and having two incredibly handsome men in her dorm room, is not for the best.

The two roommates Luca is forced with, Toby is a decent guy in a steady relationship with his model girlfriend Ellen. And Ben, is a one and done serial womanizer. He keeps eating her food she needs for her special diet.

Luca is trying to ignore Ben by going on a date with a study partner.

J99sd ,


Repetitive; slow to get to the punch. Luca a great character; Ben read a million times....

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