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Can a fun-loving cancer survivor and a man whose heart is hardened by loss ever find their Happy Ever After?

Darby Livingston is a survivor. If she can survive breast cancer, she can survive the humiliation of accidently flashing her pink panties to a stranger. A sexy 'doesn't believe in fairy tales' stranger called Reid. Reid is the key to making Darby's amateur theater production of Cinderella a success, so she'll swallow her pride and beg, bribe, or use her feminine wiles to secure his help, because the play's donation to a cancer charity means everything to her.

Reid Hudson is used to being judged and ridiculed for his ability to sew amazing wedding gowns for Invercargill's boutique bridal shop, Next Stop Vegas. Whatever. He's a man who knows who he is and what he wants in life. But on the list of things Reid Hudson doesn't want… A) To be roped into costume-making for a cast of wanna-be divas. B) To discover an off-the-charts attraction with the play's Ugly Stepsister, Darby. And C) To fall in love with that feisty and funny woman who has no guarantee of a happy ever after.

Along with her terrier side-kick, Duke, can Darby convince Reid that if the shoe/slipper fits, maybe she's The One he's been looking for all along?

June 25
Tracey Alvarez
Smashwords, Inc.

Customer Reviews

Cheryl SDS ,

I Love Darby’s sense of humor!

This is book 10 in the Stewart Island series and it features Reid and Darby. Cancer is the elephant in the room in this steamy, funny, yet sometimes serious romantic story. The fear of losing someone to it. The fear of having it or getting it again. These two have had a tough journey individually. Wouldn't it be better together? Fear has a funny way of preventing that from happening.

This is another fabulous story with characters I’d love to have as my own friends. The story had me hooked from beginning to end. I always love revisiting old friends and it was wonderful to see Joe and MacKenna again. As always, I look forward to the next book!

cmkerwin ,

Fun and heartwarming

I received an advance copy in exchange for this review.

I’m a huge fan of Alvarez. I love her writing and her characters and while this book was a bit different, it didn’t disappoint. The heroine is a breast cancer survivor, and having watched a family member tackle triple negative breast cancer, I related to the storyline on a different level than most romances. Heartwarming, yet quirky, and far from perfect, Darby makes you cheer for her from page one and the hero and his sad tale with the disease has you white knuckling through their conflict. Fab story.

Contessajj ,

Love a guy in touch with his feminine side...

Love Everlasting maybe decades long or it may just be until cancer takes you away. This could be a really depressing book, but even though these characters have been ravaged by the effects of cancer on themselves or their loved ones they have persevered. Can they take one more step and take a chance on each other? This touching story is relatable to all of us one way or another, but it is also a sweet sexy romance with so many “feels”. Love, loved it.

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