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Read this enemies to lovers romance with a twist from Scarlett Cole today!

Connor isn't in the market for messy.

His life is going completely according to plan. He's set to become CEO of his family's company, his Ironman time is better than ever, and his regular poker nights with the guys are his one night a month he can stop worrying about counting macros and indulge himself. What he doesn't need is a relationship with Emerson Dyer—daughter of his father's lifelong enemy and most-hated rival.

Emerson's life is nothing but messy.

Since her father died, leaving her CEO of their gin distillery, everything that could go wrong has gone wrong. Emerson is barely holding it together—what she doesn't need is a complication like Connor Finch. Sure, his abs do look like they've been photoshopped, but she has no time to spend counting them. It's her company's numbers she should be worrying about. Still, there's something about the way he makes her feel.

Together, they're perfect.

Connor knows he and Emerson don't make sense on paper. Too many differences between them—and one big secret that could destroy Emerson's family business tells him to cut and run. But for once in his life, Connor doesn't care about messy or imperfect—because the fact is, Emerson is the one perfect thing he needs in his life. Now if he can only convince her . . .

October 19
Scarlett Cole
Draft2Digital, LLC

Customer Reviews

Groomsmom ,

Funny, sexy and so entertaining!

I have read every one of Scarlett Cole’s books and in fact read a few twice. I was anxiously awaiting the newest one, and it does not disappoint! I finished it in a day.

Emerson Dyer, CEO of her family’s gin distillery, was feeling overwhelmed. Her Dad passed away suddenly and left her in charge of the business. Her brother Jake is the master distiller, and her sister Olivia is the event planner. They had weddings and events planned for months when their venue had construction problems and they had to close it down. Now they are needing money to keep them in business.

Connor Finch, also works for his father’s company as V.P. of acquisitions. He plans to take over CEO when his dad retires in a few months. His uncle, also at Finch, is a thorn in Connor’s side, blocking every move he makes. Going to an award ceremony in San Francisco, he encounters a woman in his airplane seat. Already in a bad mood, he makes a scene and embarrasses the woman. When a compromise is worked out the flight continues. It was Emerson in that seat, and she decides that this man is “Mr. Grumpy.” Little did she know what was in store.

An old feud between Connor’s dad and Emerson’s comes into play, but the attraction they feel for each other is serious. Everything seems to be working against them, especially when Emerson finds out who Connor works for. But, they actually talk to each other to work it out, which I find a wonderful thing!

This is a sexy love story, with lots of corporate action, and I learned a lot about Gin! I can’t wait for the second in the series. Thank you Ms. Cole, so glad your back!

Pat Fordyce

Lilly428** ,

Amazing Scarlett Cole return series!

I have missed Scarlett Cole's writing so much!! Just a couple months ago I was thinking, "she hasn't had any releases recently, I hope she's still writing" and then a couple weeks ago, I get the notification for this new Scarlett Cole series. I'm psychic!

I love a Scarlett Cole book/series; she writes with such investment into the characters. And within seconds of reading the story, you're invested in these characters and their outcome. And I was definitely interested in the Dyer family, Emerson and Connor.

Emerson is my favorite type of female lead, strong, resilient but also a little submissive. And Connor just wanted to take care of her. So that made me like him even more. Although the one thing I didn't like about Connor was that he took so long to stand up to his dad.

I can't decide if I want Liv or Jake to have the next story, but I definitely want to read both!!

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