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Deep within ourselves, we all have the capacity for great love, compassion, kindness, gratitude and all the emotions associated with love. This is our power – our weapon against everything – to love abundantly – and it is this love that will change the world if only more will recognise its power.
Through the power of love, we can change the world one day and week at a time, one small gesture, deed and action at a time. Love is the answer to destroying all the elements of hatred and it is the state of mind we should all be aiming for to achieve contentment and balance in life.

This book will help you to:
Work on eradicating the 7 elements of hatred from your life through love
Discover the power of love through a 7-week programme

Love like your life depends on it because through love, we can change the way we deal with people – those close to us and those we don’t know. We can change the way we cope with situations and experiences – the good and the bad. We can change the way we view the world at large and all living things that inhabit it. The choices and decisions we make, the kind and helpful gestures we offer – they can all lead to life-altering changes within ourselves and those around us.

Author of several bestselling self-help motivational books, Sally Eichhorst co-authored her first bestseller, Unleash Your Full Potential, in 1998. Her dynamic motivational style has enabled her to work as a facilitator, motivational presenter and lecturer in the marketing and advertising fields at University level. Her passion for helping authors realise their dreams of publication inspired Sally and her partner to set up their own publishing company and now, well over a decade after its inception, Reach Publishers has helped hundreds of authors worldwide publish their books. Her business partner and co-author of several books has since become her life partner and this talented writing team are now married with a beautiful son.

Health, Mind & Body
June 23
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