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For Charlie Preston “home” has never been the haven from the big bad world everyone claims; it’s just the place she sleeps at night. Music is her haven and, thanks to technology, her haven is always with her, making it the only thing she needs to survive yet another new school and finish her senior year.

Surrounded by a loving family and great friends, star quarterback Maverick Hardy is the definition of all-American, right down to his vintage muscle car and football. On track for a career-launching senior year, Maverick’s only focus is to win games and impress the college scouts. Or it was until he plowed into a captivating auburn-haired beauty trying her hardest to be invisible. For the first time in his life, football fades to the background and all Maverick can think about is getting to know Charlie better.

So close to finally breaking free from her father’s constant insults and criticizing, the last thing Charlie wants is to be noticed by anyone, least of all the most popular guy in school. Unprepared for the emotions Maverick's attention stirs within her, she can’t help wondering if there’s some truth to the songs she’s found refuge in for so long.

Drawing from the strength she's found in an unexpected friendship, Charlie steps from the shadows and finally starts to believe there's more to life than just surviving.

Young Adult
May 7
Heather Gunter
Smashwords, Inc.

Customer Reviews

💜💜💙💙💁💁 ,

Perfect 💜

Omg this book is amazing it took me a while to read it but it was awesome.

Unamused-_-123457 ,

Not at all worth anytime

This book was terrible. It was so bad that I went and made this account just so I could warn all of you on how terrible this is. supper unrealistic and just a plain waste of time. If you really hate someone I recommend you give them this book. The point of views were very short and repetitive. The entire plot is unrealistic and The characters seem Vague and predictable. Do not read this unless you want to roll your eyes after every single page. I am not exaggerating. This book was beyond horrible.

herker1720-1212 ,

love notes

i loved the book i reread it 4 times i love it so much i has alot of romance and there was a great combination of the falling in love, the accident, the lossing og charlie, and winning her back but in the end she did not want to date this guy be still was in love with him so at the end of the whole book it all tied together and it was like a mystery/ romance/ novel. it was a really good book and i am rereading it again i just love it so much

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