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My name is Matthew Thomas and I've made some crappy choices in women throughout my life. So I created this book which highlights my slip-ups, the self-absorbed cries for attention from women, along with classic quotes and texts messages from love's most desperate moments. If you've ever hated everything (especially your ex) then you will enjoy every page as the tears fall fresh over your smart devices. Holla back son!

November 1
Matthew F. Thomas
Matthew Frank Thomas

Customer Reviews

Teenes3 ,

A mix between a comic book and a love/hate letter

I am always willing to support artists. Being creative and being appreciated is hard. Like Mr. Thomas said instead of putting it in a rap/R&B song....it was illustrated from a male's point of view...
I downloaded this book and had issues zooming in to read the conversations. Mr. Thomas so kindly rectified the issue. It should have downloaded as a PDF... Great customer service and great job Mr. Thomas...drawing ur pain!!

agoodpapa ,

insightful & shockingly honest (or is it?)

This "book" is a bit of a masterpiece. it seems to be a collection of full-size "immature" artworks shrunk down to a readable text size, and arranged in some degree of linear temporal order. In this format, this work takes the graphic novel to a different and much more abstract-impressionistic level. At times hilarious, sad, and uncomfortable through what seems to be a remarkable level of brutal honesty -- one wonders if all of what is recounted here is true and real, and if not, what is and what isn't. If its all true, the creator sure has been through a lot of twists and turns, and has a wonderfully perverted mind! In the end, whether true or not, the episodes and conversations recounted herein and the artwork representing the authors feelings about those events are highly entertaining, and will inspire feelings of empathy and recognition in the reader, as they reflect on certain parallels between their own life experiences and that of the author. 5/5 stars!