Love, Special Delivery

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What we do for family…and love 

Third-generation firefighter Captain Ben Libby is sworn to keep Harmony Valley safe. But a recent series of fires points to arson. Not that Ben really suspects Mandy Zapien, who's back in town to reopen the defunct post office—a potential fire hazard. 

Turns out Ben and Mandy—she of the incredible smile—have a lot in common. They're both trying to rebuild their lives. Mandy's raising her teenage sister, just as Ben's devoted to his godchild. Though lately, he's started to suspect she's his biological daughter. Amid secrets and family dramas, do Ben and Mandy have what it takes to go the distance together?

April 1
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Customer Reviews

Joan T Mueller ,

Entertaining love story

Love Special Delivery

The storyline begins slowly with the hopes and dreams of Mandy and Olivia, but soon grows complicated with the immediate discord introduced by the characters of Ben and Keith. Challenges between generations as well as job stress underlie the plot of the entire book as the reader switches between the perspectives of the main characters. This book highlights the unique characteristics of a small town. It is an enjoyable and entertaining read that delves deep into relationships and causation while the reader hangs on the end of their seat waiting for the path of love to run smoothly. I loved this book but highly recommend it.

Agent$$$$ ,

Love In Harmony Valley

Ben, aspiring arson investigator, returns home to Harmony Valley to work alongside his dad--the fire chief. After years of not using proper equipment, Ben's father is in poor health. He plans to retire, but can't just yet or he'll lose part of his benefits/pension. He tries several homeopathic breathing treatments, but relies on Ben to help/cover for him at work. Ben is also raising his goddaughter, with the help of his parents. Ben thinks his goddaughter may actually be his daughter so he sends in DNA tests to verify his suspicions. Meanwhile, his new neighbor has caught his attention...

Down on her luck and broke, Mandy returns to Harmony Valley to reopen the post office. She's been named as the new Post Master, temporarily. She has to prove that a post office in Harmony Valley is viable. As a child, she often worked at the post office with her grandfather. Upon his passing, he asked that Mandy be named the new Post Master. In a mountain of debt, Mandy decides to give it a go. Mandy and her 17yr old sister move back into the house in which they were raised. The house isn't "technically" theirs as they believe their grandfather left it to their mother. The mother they haven't seen in years.....

Both families have secrets they hold close. When life becomes too much to handle, Mandy talks to the moon. It is during these sessions that she learns some of Ben's secrets. She also realizes that Ben thinks she might be the one behind several suspicious fires around Harmony Valley.

I LOVED Mandy's concept of "breaking eggs". As a single mom I can really relate. There are definitely days where you have to choose your battles AND grin and bear it. There are overwhelming days, but the reward is so worth it! I also enjoyed Ben's goddaughter. She was a riot with her escapes and animal adventures! Mandy's sister, a cancer survivor, is your typical teenager. While she expects the worse, mainly her cancer coming back, she also becomes mush upon meeting a sexy guy. I truly enjoyed this refreshing novel and its unique storyline. Real life issues that are almost insurmountable, are handled realistically. I felt as though I could truly relate. I read a gifted copy and all opinions stated are my own.

Marge_Roberts ,

Harmony Valley is a treat!

Returning to Harmony Valley, California is always a treat for me, and since this can be read as a standalone, it works if you haven’t previously read any of the other books in this series. Mandy has returned to her now-deceased grandparents’ house with her almost 18-year-old sister, Olivia, to hopefully stay there and make a living reopening the post office. Ben and his dad Keith are the only ones that work at the fire station. Ben has been taking care of his seven-year-old goddaughter with the help of his parents, where they both live. Butting heads with Mandy about the fire hazards at the post office gets them acquainted, and as next door neighbors, they are also able to gradually learn more about each other, although both are reluctant to talk to anyone about what they have been through. This book was a wonderful addition to this series, and I really enjoyed it. With new young people gradually lowering the general age of the population, there is plenty of room for additional stories that can be added. I hope so! [I received this for free.]

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