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I lent my heart to the bad boy, and he did exactly what I expected he would. He broke it.

And the guy I should have been with—he’s still here. He tries to take my mind off everything I’ve lost while showing me what I could have. I’m ready for a new start, to fall in love again … to do what I should have done in the first place.

Everything seems perfect.

Then the past comes walking back in. I thought I was over him, but one look and I know that’s not true. We went through too much together for those feelings to completely fade away.

When my past and present collide, how am I supposed to choose? They both love me, and I love them.

A heart will be broken … and it could be mine.

October 17
Lisa De Jong
Draft2Digital, LLC

Customer Reviews

Annmric8 ,

Chasing dreams and finding happiness.

Lila is focused on work trying to bury her depression over losing Blake. Lila set out to follow her dreams by working on the New York project with Pierce. Lila blamed herself and Pierce for pushing Blake away. Her friends and Mallory told her it's was time to move on. Blake remained gone for six months.
Pierce was patient with Lila giving her time to accept how wonderful life could be with him. Pierce offered protection, comfort, and adoration for Lila.

Lila is chasing after her dreams. With Pierce's support Lila was able to gain back confidence in herself to achieve success in her career. Pierce helped Lila grow as a person making her stronger. Lila always wanted a man who was willing to give up everything to be with her. For Lila she is torn between the desire of a man who is the better choice and the man who is the obvious choice. Pierce is perfect and safe where Blake is chaos and unpredictable.
Alyssa continues to be the catalyst in fights between them all. In this story answers are finally revealed about Alyssa. Mallory continues to be a phone call away.
Lisa does an amazing job of weaving both men into your hearts making it difficult even for the reader to choose between them. I keep waiting for the other shoe to drop. Is it too good to be true to believe the choices Lila made were the correct ones? How does Lila define those choices? What rules did Lila follow in order to verify the correct path?
What is most addicting is the notion that Lila has drawn the attention from two different men with a past linked by Alyssa. The story has a proper balance of indecisiveness and drive from Lila to keep me anxious enough to swipe my finger across the tablet eager to unlock more words that hold the secrets I'm craving. That constant reminder of wanting happiness but at what cost? It lures you feeding my obsession to closure.
Sometimes sex in story's becomes redundant but not in the way it was used in this story. The sex was addictive and conducive to the emotional growth of the characters.

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