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True love never stops believing...

When two young lovers part on the eve of war, they are forced to forge their lives without one another and form families that will carry on their legacy of finding true love. But many years later, they find themselves together again. Will the circle be unbroken? Find out in this sweeping family saga of love lost and found.

January 1
Partridge & Pear Press
Novel Publicity LLC

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Pep5iLady ,

Love Lost and Found

A sweet story of how war can change people and their plans. It follows 2 people throughout their lives and how love lost does not mean the end.

kastan man ,

A wonderful read of three great loves.

James Morgan never really believed in love, until he laid eyes on Deborah Walker at the local soda fountain. He surprises himself by inviting her out for an impromptu night on the town, and she shocks him even more by agreeing. As the night progresses, the two share their past histories and secret dreams, and James realizes that she is the perfect woman for him. The only problem is that he ships off to Korea the next morning. Fulfilling his duty is non-negotiable to James, even if fighting for his country will ultimately break both of their hearts. Deborah promises to wait for him, but two years is a long time to put her life on hold, especially for a man she only knew for one day. When Rip Rockwell returns from the war and James does not, Rip proposes marriage to Deborah.

These are the stories of James, Deborah, their lives together, and their lives apart. Both are so very young and naïve when they first meet and grow up fairly fast in their first year apart. Loss and heartache are painful lessons, James while serving in the military and Deborah waiting for him back home. I feel for Rip and his battles with PTSD (shellshock). Too many good men, and women, suffer everyday from PTSD while our government and society overlook and downplay the seriousness of the disorder. A wonderful read of three great loves.

I received a copy in exchange for an honest review.

album wall ,

Love and War

What a great book. I like be the way the characters are intertwined.

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