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Sophie Keaton’s love life is a disaster.  Too busy with her art gallery and the Army National Guard, she rarely has time for a date. Her orderly existence takes a twist when her Army National Guard unit gets a new Company Commander, Captain Gage Jenkins, who dislikes the idea of women in the Army, particularly her, and proceeds to make her weekend drill miserable.


Sophie finally takes her love life in hand and goes out on a date.  Unfortunately, her date ends up in the emergency room, with an allergic reaction to her cat.  Her live-in brother, Bryce, feels sorry for her and offers to take her out to pick the “perfect man”.  When she finds Mr. Perfect, she spends a passionate night with him, and awakens to discover that Mr. Perfect is the self-righteous, and annoying Captain Jenkins! 

Sophie’s only saving grace is that Captain Jenkins did not recognize her as the homely and klutzy lieutenant from his unit.  She is determined to avoid him, except when she is at her weekend drill, in hope that he doesn’t recognize Lieutenant Keaton as the woman with whom he made passionate love. This plan seemed easy enough until he moved in next door.

July 26
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Eliza K ,

All's Fair...

Sophie Keaton is a woman of contrasts. An Army brat, Sophie's day job is working in an art gallery, but she is also a lieutenant in the National Guard. She lives in her quaint little house with her cat and, more recently, her younger half brother Bryce. She's found herself "settling" when it comes to the men in her life, until Bryce convinces her to try something different. Captain Gabe Jenkins is a self made billionaire, construction is his business, but the National Guard is his passion. When he assumes his new command the last thing on his mind is dealing with the awkward & accident prone LT Keaton. But deal he must. As he also deals with trying to find his one night stand lady, who he thinks might have been "the one." Surviving his new neighbor Bryce's practical jokes, Sophie's homicidal cat Cujo and his own dog's (Rambo) shortcomings are only part of his trials & tribulations. This comedy of errors, assumptions and misleading occurrences is a jam packed story. It also brings you into the culture of the National Guard. The teamwork, the pranks, the seriousness of their mission and humor that keeps them sane. The fact that nature can cause as much terror and pain as any man-made obstacle. All of this comes together in a hilarious, romantic, intrepid tale of bravery and love.

Sldca1 ,

Lt Klutz meets Cpt Right

Sophie feels like her love life is a failed training mission. Gage's friends have all found Ms Right and tell him it's his turn. Gage feels he doesn't have time due to serving his country. When Sophie and Gage met for the first time, it's anything but smooth. Sophie's brother interferes and laugher ensues. Laugh while you read the ups and downs of family interference in the love story of Sophie and Gage. The story will keep you entertained and laughing until the end, and wanting more.

Jen G F ,

Love & War by Elle James and Delilah Devlin

ARC for honest review with no compensation

Love & War is the 4th book in the Texas Billionaire Club while part of a series it is a standalone. What a great laugh out loud funny, sparring pets (cat and dog), comedy of misinformation and romance to boot… book by these two sister authors, Elle James and Delilah Devlin.

Sophie Keaton is a petite, strong willed, beautiful woman who works in an art gallery by day but is also a lieutenant in the National Guard and is in charge of a platoon. While out on maneuvers with the guard her new platoon commander shows up (during a rainstorm) she asks to have a truck come get them but her new commander decides to make them do night maneuvers which ends in disaster….she wears her glasses, is kultzy and looks rather homely….that is according to her new commander Captain Gabe Jenkins.

Gabe Jenkins a self-made billionaire in construction and a lieutenant in the National Guard. He moves into a rental home next door to this beautiful, petite, sexy woman named Sophie who he is attracted to except he doesn’t know she’s also his LT Catherine Keaton, a homely, klutzy, small woman with big black glasses as he describes her. Little does he know that he has met Sophie before…his one night stand that he keeps searching for!

With help from Sophie’s half-brother, Bryce who lives with her and Gabe thinks they are a couple, the guys in their platoon trying their hand at match making, misleading information from Bryce and sparring pets to help along the way can these two find their way to a HEA???

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