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From the founder of This Gathered Nest YouTube channel, an uplifting story of Angela Braniff's unusual path to becoming the mother to seven children through various methods of adoption and biological approaches, encouraging women and mothers to embrace the unique purpose that God has put in their lives.

Angela’s love for life and her family radiates through everything she does. The Braniff household includes their two biological daughters, Kennedy, 12, and Shelby 10; Rosie, 7, who was adopted from China with Down syndrome; Noah, 7, adopted from Congo; Jonah 5, adopted domestically; and finally, Ivy and Amelia, their one year old twins who were adopted as embryos, and implanted in Angela, who gave birth to them. In fact, after the book was finished, they joyfully welcomed a new baby into their home, Benjamin, through adoption, making them now a family of ten!

Love Without Borders shares Angela's relatable, humorous, and honest view of motherhood. Angela chronicles her journey to discover God’s purpose for her life. For years she walked the safe, expected path, until one day she could feel God calling her to boldly step out and follow him into new places, which led her to raise a large, non-traditional family that looked different than she ever imagined.  

It was a winding path to motherhood, complete with heartbreak from failed adoptions, challenging pregnancies, and secondary infertility, but through it all Angela found the unique adventure God had for her. She has shared her family’s stories on her popular YouTube channel, This Gathered Nest, and now invites us in to go deeper and listen to where God might be calling us to go and who we’ve been tasked with loving, no matter how unusual (or just plain crazy) it may sound! The beauty of God’s plan is he uses imperfect people to bring about perfectly beautiful stories.

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April 28

Customer Reviews

GwendolynClaire ,

A must read!

I did not expect to be touched to my hearts core, but wow! This book is everything. Funny, heartwarming, spiritual, and an entertaining read. I come away feeling uplifted, with a heart turned to God. Ready to ask and receive what He wants for my life. Angela has a beauty and a strength that I only dream of having. If you need a big dose of inspiration- this book is for you.

lainey68894 ,

Love Without Borders

I have so much to say about this book... like I seriously have gone through to highlight my favorite parts and the entire book is bright orange. I have sent parts to friends and family, and even posted quotes from it on my social media. IT SPEAKS TO MY SOUL.

As a long time follower of Angie’s YouTube channel, I could not be more proud of her for writing this incredible testament to God’s plan for her life. She honored Him with this work in such a beautiful way. It is going to touch the hearts of so many. I just adore this family and more than anything, I am so thankful for this incredible message for my own life and relationship with God.

Forever a fan,
Lainey Miller :)

SJ Fitz ,

You Need This!

As we all seek ourselves, the truth, and our purpose- it is so easy to feel alone in your journey. The ugly of our journeys don’t have a space to be shared. It’s almost as if beauty and happiness can only exist if hard and complacency isn’t a part of the equation. Angela breaks all that down. You can have hard, and be fulfilled. You can have ugly, and have a beautiful story and outlook.
During these times, we all need this non-judgmental and open truth. We all need to remember that pain and hard is temporary, there is a bigger picture and purpose. Thank you Angela for pouring your heart, trudging through pain, so we all can find friendship and inspiration through your words. You validate so much!