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She’s not the woman I thought … but dammit, she’s the woman I want.

I never thought of myself as cynical,  but getting dumped at the altar changes a man.

Now, I’m all about my job. About building my business and getting on with my life. Don’t get me wrong; I still love women. I love the way they look. The way they smell. The way they feel. Especially the way they feel. And I’ve pretty much made it my mission to give each and every woman who shares my bed the ride of her life.

But getting close? Getting serious? Giving a woman my trust again? Yeah, that’s not going to happen.

Or so I thought.

Then I met her. It’s funny how things can change in a heartbeat. How one case of mistaken identity can change everything. But there she was, all business and completely uninterested in me. And damned if I didn’t want her. Crave her. 

Most of all, I wanted to help her. To keep her and her sister safe. But the more I get to know her, the more I want her. The whole package. The complete woman. 

And the miracle is that she wants me, too. 

Trouble is, we’ve both been burned before. Now, I know one thing for certain—the only way that we’ll survive the heat that crackles between us is if we both find the courage to leap into the fire together.

Lovely Little Liar is a novella originally published as Bitch Slap. Minor edits, such as expanded scenes, have been made to this book.

November 7
Martini & Olive
Julie Kenner

Customer Reviews

Astroyic ,

Entertaining & Sweet!

Lovely Little Liar is entertaining, and a sweet romance that’s lighthearted, fun, and serious. J. Kenner brings snarky, banter and heat as mistaken identity brings these two together.
Both are meeting other people, under quite different circumstances, until taken by lust and pure wishful thinking Pierce mistakes Jezebel for his blind date hook-up. After being rejected three hours before his wedding Pierce doesn’t do relationships anymore. He is doesn’t have the time and doesn’t want to put in the effort. But when Jezebel makes a hasty exit, he realizes that just maybe he wanted more with her.
Jezebel is looking to hire some security while her sister the actress in town only to get nowhere with the handsome security guy. But when he comes to their rescue a few hours later, when their location is compromised by a hotel employee tweet, Jezebel sees a very different side to him.
These two, quickly develop wild cravings and desperate longings for each other. With nightly firing and daily rehiring, of the security hunk, it looks like Pierce just might have found the right one after all. Great short read.
I voluntarily read and reviewed an advanced copy of this book. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

sballgirlie44 ,

Another ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ by JKenner!

From the beginning, you can feel the sarcasm and power struggle between the main characters. Alpha male, not wanting a relationship meets woman who is a strong woman. She stands up for herself, esp to him!!

There is a security firm involved with that aspect that is forBidden for anything to happen between them. If you know JKenner, that never stops her. There is rocky start, and sexy middle and happy ending. That’s all you need to know to buy this book and demolish it in one single day.

JKenner always includes some part of stark (which is my fave of all time series and Man of the Month!! ) and she never fails to disappoint. It’s one of her faster reads, but you won’t regret reading it. J Kenner is an author that makes you have all the good feelings along with the dirty parts as well.

Christine Miller28 ,

Fun novella

What a fun and sexy read. This is a novella and a short read. J Kenner is one of my favorite authors for writing sexy times. Even though this story is short, it still packs the heat. Pierce is all alpha male who is only interested in a casual hookup. When he meets Jez by mistake, he is taken with the fireball. Jez is in Austin with her sister and ends up needing Pierce more than she thought. This is a short story and the chemistry between Pierce and Jez heats up quick. As with all novellas, I wish it was a longer story, but it was a good read. Good things come in small packages!

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