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This title has been rewritten as LOVERS AT HEART, REIMAGINED, available now on Apple Books.

October 19
World Literary Press
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Ladydi232 ,

A favorite author

While reading The Snow Sisters series, I got a little hint of something between Max and Treat. It really got me excited to read their story. Max seemed like such a bad**s character. I couldn’t wait to see what hoops she might make handsome Treat jump through.

“Isn’t that the greatest feeling? That instant when you know someone recognizes that you’re something more than what anyone else sees?”

I was a little disappointed when it ended up that Max was hiding so much insecurity under her tough armor. But I’m glad that Treat was able to see through the tough and past the self-doubt and right into the amazingness that was the real Max.

I so loved listening to this on audiobook! The narrator does a great job of keeping with the emotion of the story!
I loved listening to this story on audiobook! The narrator really helps me feel the emotions of the characters!
-4 Stars!-

Me1568 ,

I loved it!

I love that this story is not just about a romance but how two people had to make themselves better and face their demons so they could have a fulfilling and meaningful relationship. I have read all the books in this series and I really love that the author goes a little deeper. I think each book gets better and better!! I love this author!

ThruMyArtistEyes ,

Melodramatic for no reason.

I wanted to like this book but it could have been a lot better. The love story is insubstantial and immature, family drama (while understandable) a bit overwhelming for only one of the books in a series, and the their issues could have been treated better. There were also a lot of grammatical issues.

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