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All eyes are on up-and-coming country artist, Cash Knight, but he has is sights set on Olivia Young.

He's a cocky musician.

She showed up at a bar in her pajamas.

Is he stalking me?

I call it fate.

He's cheesy. 

I prefer the term romantic. 

Maybe I was wrong about him. 

I'm determined to make her mine.

I fell in love with him.

She's my muse.

Life has other plans for us. 

I'll fight for her.

I'll protect his image.

I miss her.

I watch his success from afar.

She's mine.

I need to fix this.

I'll give her the kind of love found in country songs.

May 10
Fabiola Francisco
Draft2Digital, LLC

Customer Reviews

Tonicoffey ,

All of you

Loved it! Great characters and plot. Can’t wait to read more.

straighttalker198 ,

Not bad

The book wasn’t great but wasn’t terrible. The ending was cute. There was a lot of skipping around like 14 months, 5 months. The big gaps left lots of wholes and was redundant.

paigelikeabook ,

Country 'romance'

This book started off good but then it took a turn into badsville . This book told more than showed than Olivia & Cash have chemistry, I didn't feel it. The characters weren't very developed, you get vague, surface info on the characters so there wasn't any real connection. All the characters are way underdeveloped.

My biggest problem is when Olivia has to deal with Nathan & makes a stupid decision. This decision causes a gap in time & when the couple finally reunites it's been 8 freakin months. She's supposed to be so in love with Cash but she says ( before it comes to be 8 months) "it's been too much time, what's the point?" Really seems like you had a lasting love then Olivia 😐
The writing is robotic a lot, it doesn't flow like normal. The 'steamy' scenes leave everything to be desired, it's sloppy, disjointed & redundant. This book isn't funny or witty, I didn't laugh or get the feels. It's not the worst I've read but it's definitely not even on the 'good' list. (Let's see if this gets posted since iTunes doesn't seem to like posting negative reviews)

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