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We can’t always choose with whom we’re going to fall in love. Sometimes it sneaks up on us, and we have no control over it. It can happen over a long period, or it can take place almost overnight. Very few people wake up one morning and consciously make a decision to go out and fall in love with someone of a different ethnic background. Lust and physical attraction are a different matter, however. This is where one part of your brain is in conflict with another part. Raw, physical attraction transcends race, and sex becomes a powerful driving force. In fact, lust and physical attraction, can sometimes be heightened by mixed races because it’s, different, it’s exciting, and it’s exotic. It’s when lust and physical attraction turn into love that the right side of the brain no longer pays attention to the left side. This is a story of lust and raw physical attraction that goes beyond conventional wisdom, restrictions, and boundaries.

EXCERPT 1: I gently sucked her beautiful lower lip into my mouth and gently nibbled. There was something heady, earthy, and carnal about her taste. I had never reacted to a woman with such animal magnetism before, and I wanted all of her, every last square-inch of her.
I paused for a moment and looked down at her. She remained in the same position with her head upturned, her eyes closed, and her lips parted. She whimpered as our lips fused again. This time, it wasn’t gentle or tender. It was pure lust and raw desire. Our mouths consumed each other as our passion grew. Her lips were softer and more talented than any I had ever tasted. I could feel, taste, and smell her passion and sense the animalistic need growing within her body to mate. I wanted to be inside her more than I had ever wanted any another woman in my life.
I looked at her again, slowly shook my head and quietly groaned.
She looked sweetly up into my eyes. “Mr. Morgan, if you are about to ask me if you can have me … the answer is …

EXCERPT 2: Ted declined Dad’s offer for a glass of wine.
Gail gave him a noticeable glare. It was a glare that looked to me as though it would have penetrated case hardened steel. It was then that I decided I didn’t ever want to get on the wrong side of her. After everyone had their wine, we noticed that Ted had walked out back toward the stables, so Dad excused himself and went to join him.
They walked around for a while not really appearing as though they were going anywhere. It looked as if they were kind of going around in circles. Sabrina was watching them closely. They began gesturing with their hands, and we were able to hear their raised voices.
She shook her head. “That doesn’t look good,” she offered as she ran toward them. We followed quickly behind.
“What the hell do you mean my son’s not good enough for your daughter,” shouted Dad angrily.
“That’s not exactly what I said, Mr. Morgan. What I said was that I thought they would be better off if they were to find someone … more suitable.”
“That’s b******t and you know it, Mr. … Williams. That is the same as saying my son isn’t good enough for your daughter,” said Dad, in a very agitated voice. He was more upset than I had ever seen him. I looked around and saw ranch hands pouring in from all directions ready to take up for him.
“Well then, Mr. Morgan, have it your way.”
Sabrina screamed when she was within ten feet of them. “Daddy, you had better shut up and knock it off if you ever want to see your grandchild!”
No one moved or made a sound. We all looked at Sabrina. It was my immediate impression that no one there had ever heard her scream that loudly or had ever seen her quite that mad. Her father just stared at her with a perplexed and somewhat frightened look on his face.
After about thirty seconds of silence, Dad broke in. “Would you like that glass of wine now, Mr. Williams?”
Without taking his eyes off Sabrina, he mumbled, “No, but if you have a whiskey, I could use one of those.”

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December 17
Christopher Maddox
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