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Who doesn’t love chocolate? Chocolate is something that most of us put off eating in fear of the dessert being unhealthy and causing issues. However, with the recipes that are presented in this eBook you can now eat chocolate in a variety of ways without feeling guilty about eating a favorite dessert. With these guilt free recipes, you are going to find a way to make your favorite chocolate desserts without feeling as though you are overeating or eating items that are too decadent for you.

Chocolate has many health benefits to it that are going to be found when eating it. However, it is when the chocolate is combined with tons of refined sugars and other ingredients that issues can arise. Many people will find that traditional desserts when eaten all the time are going to cause a person to be overweight, which in turn can lead to other health issues. However, with guilt free recipes you can rest assure that you are not only going to have great tasting recipes, these are actually going to be good for you as well!

Throughout this eBook, we look at several different types of recipes including:

·         Cakes and Cookies

·         Brownies and truffles

·         Pies and fudge

·         Ice cream and shakes

·         Candies, muffins and syrups

·         Pudding and mousse

Most of these recipes are going to include ingredients that you are not familiar with including in a dessert, but the end result is simply magic! What are you waiting for? If you love chocolate, then download this eBook now so that you can have your dessert and eat it too!

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February 14
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