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Team Girl adventures in Alternate Realities.

The world is on the brink of war. Nations have divided themselves into two ideologically opposed imperial power blocs armed with robot infantry, rocket planes, jet-powered dirigibles, and fleets of hovercraft warships bristling with guns, missiles, and directed energy weapons. Only near parity in technology and resources keeps the powder keg from exploding, but the balance of power is precarious; it would take very little to tilt it in one bloc's favor, giving them the advantage. Add to that the growing ecological threat from the ubiquitous diesel-powered machinery, and civilization teeters on the very edge. Yet no one seems to notice, or care, while others use the situation for their own selfish interests.

Eile, Sunny, and Differel are independent intelligence operatives that work for the American, Pan-Germanic, and British empires. Their status is unofficial, but their loyalty is unquestionable, and their governments appreciate their worth, using them for unconventional operations that cannot be handled in any official capacity. They recognize the peril to their world, but they believe the problem is too big for them to do anything to solve it.

All three governments have been approached by a freelance agent offering plans for a new type of aircraft that would give any nation total air superiority, even against the hover fleets. All three are determined to have it for themselves, so they dispatch the three women to obtain them at all costs. They recognize the danger: the new aircraft could tempt the nation that has it into launching an attack against its enemies, or even its neighbors, and thereby plunge the whole world into war. Yet their loyalties prompt them to do what they can to succeed in their mission. Very quickly, however, they discover that all is not as it seems, and as their suspicions multiply, they form an uneasy alliance to learn the truth. Will their loyalties to their governments prompt them to betray one another, or can they find a higher loyalty that will allow them to act in the best interests of all mankind?

Includes five bonus stories set in other Alternate Realities.

Sci-Fi & Fantasy
October 30
Kevin L. O'Brien
Smashwords, Inc.

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