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Normally, Lubrican writes stories about romance and love. But not all is sweetness and light. In this volume of darker stories, love takes a back seat to lust, and cheating, and trying to take advantage of people.

Or does it?

In book one, called The Two Day Erection, there's a hick from the hills who comes to the doctor's office with a two day old erection. Is it even possible? And how do you treat something like that without an operation. Well, there's the old fashioned way, and maybe that's just what he was hoping the pretty big city doctor would do. But more happens than just a hand job from a pretty lady, and it's not necessarily what the guy was going for.

You know those stories where one of the guys at the poker game bets his wife, and loses her to all the others? What if they ALL bet their wives? Or what if they just figured out a way to enjoy each other's wives on a sham? No harm, no foul, right? But what if the wives found out. There is no fury greater than that of a woman scammed, and book two is all about that.

In book three, Lubrican plays around with the typical plot in which the wimp husband loses his wife to the better man, and doesn't seem to mind. Except this isn't exactly that wimp husband, and his wife even still loves him.

Finally, in book four, the bus breaks down in the driving rain, far, far from anywhere. There's a shack, with a stove, and a bunch of ponchos, but everybody knows the best way to keep warm is skin to skin contact. Yes, it's ridiculous, but all the girls sleep with all the guys, including the sponsors. It's just a stroke story gone goofy.

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May 10
Robert Lubrican
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