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Ruthlessly Obsessed…

AMBER: Everyone knows me as Amber Reynolds, the fierce and determined law student, who won’t let her blindness hold her back. My friends and colleagues encourage and applaud me, but I never feel clean.

Because they don’t know who I really am… or the true reason I’m blind. You see, my father used to hurt people, until one day he kidnapped and brutalized the wrong boy. And the men who came to get him destroyed our lives.

I’ve been given a new identity, but deep down inside, I know I will never be clean…

An unexpected romance has made me start to believe that maybe happily ever after is possible. Can I trust this guy enough to unlock my heart and finally let somebody in? Should I?

LUCA: I’m the guy pretending to be Amber’s Prince Charming. But I’m really the boy in her father’s basement… and ruthlessly obsessed with her.

My methods for obtaining her ain’t exactly honorable. But hey, I’m not the kind of guy who gives two birds about honor. Now, I’m the future head of the Ferraro Crime family, and she’s the only cure for the pain in my soul.

She can’t see me, but all I see is her. And I won’t stop until she’s mine. Body, mind, and everything in between.

June 3
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Customer Reviews

AmbiesINews ,

Not your normal romance novel!!

Amber and Luca... well let me start of with Amber is probably one of the MOST unique heroines in any book I’ve ever read and for that alone you should pick this book up.

LUCA though! That bad m-/@:;f(9r!!! Whew!!! Theodora Taylor deserves accolades for creating him!

I really enjoyed this couple’s story

It’s a bit dark for a romance but it’s super sexy, intense and you won’t want to put the book down at all, which honestly is great (especially during this quarantine!!)

Buy it!!!

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